Lumen (old drawing) Picture

I don't remember exactly how old I was when I did this, but I'm going to guess somewhere between 15 and 17 XD

Lumen is a unicorn/pegasus (an alicorn, if you will, though I didn't know alicorns existed back when I created him), and I made him up for a story I was writing at the time (don't ask too many questions about the stories I wrote in high school, all you need to know is that you will never, ever, EVER read them ^_^ ). He's thousands of years old, very wise, powerful, and kind. In this picture I think I said he was creating the sun or something (see the sunspots flying out of his horn? Yeah.) XD

If I'm remembering correctly, I based his design on the animal shown in The Unicorn Tapestries, ancient artwork I was obsessed with at the time (okay, so I'm still kind of obsessed with The Unicorn Tapestries... mythology nerd, after all).

I'm also pretty sure I did this entirely with a black gel-pen, something I'm not brave enough to do anymore (I mean, no sketching or planning beforehand whatsoever XD). It shows, of course, in that this drawing has tons of mistakes in it, but I... I don't really care, I like it ^_^

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