Aroth Picture

I am Aroth. I am the Sun. I am the Driver of the Golden Chariot. I am King Maker. I hold my palms out in absolution. I hold my hands down in supplication. For I have sinned against Man by killing one. I returned his life and made him lord of the earth. I am Law Giver. I hold the Scroll of Learning. With it, I taught mortals writing, the rites, architecture and the virtues. In my right hand the Shield of Faith. With it, I protect my devotees. In my left the Sword of Wisdom. With it, I cut the thickness of ignorance. In my right the Golden Bow and the Golden Arrow. With them, I am judge and executor. In my left, Rais the Bron. With her, I am all-knowing, all-seeing. Behold, behold, the heat that comes from my brows! I am the Day Star that my brother Aiu turns his face away for he loved me too much. I am the Son of Light and Darkness, the Brother of the Shadow, the Moon, the Stars, the Comets, the Auroras and all celestial lights. I am selflessness incarnate.
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