Skoll is Not Amused. [WIP] Picture

MAJOR EDIT: Fixed the mistake with Hati and Skoll's names.

Aaaand like I promised, Skoll, the brother of Hati! I wanted Skoll and Hati to be similar as they are brothers, hence they both have a saber worg design. This drawing still needs a lot of details to work on, but I'm on it, and school gives me plenty of opportunities to draw while I'm bored. And yeah, stuff like this happens all the time. I'm going to watercolour pencil this one, as well. I might start liking it... because I didn't buy those pencils a year ago for nothing. I will keep you updated on Skoll as a drawing, but I thought you'd enjoy to see how I progress my drawings time after time!

And, who knows, Skoll might become a character of mine, inspired by the wolf that chases the sun from the Norse mythology, as well!

I hope you like the progress so far.

No stealsie!
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