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About the princess
Name: Ariadne (Ariko) Tsukino
Name Meaning: It is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "most holy". Mythology: Ariadne, daughter of Cretan king Minos, helped Theseus escape from the Cretan labyrinth. Saint Ariadne of Phrygia (second century) was a slave who became a martyr. Also the subject and title of a Richard Strauss play. Arianne and Arianna are the French and Italian versions now also used in the English-speaking world.
Birthday:25 march
Eyes: deep blue
Hair: Brown, short, always up in odango
Skin: white
Height: 5’3

other appearance stats: Has a birthmark on her right hip in the shape of a sun

Likes: Being around her friends and Endymion, Being a leader, dancing
Dislikes: fighting with her cousin Usagi
Strong Points: Fighting evil, caring for others, co-operating
Has Trouble With: being organized, giving up food
Dream: To be with Endymion, the prince of earth and her very first crush. She is always imagining being with him

Personality: Fun loving, kind, Serious, deeply affected by events, protective of those she cares about.

Personal History: A 17 year old girl with a big heart, Ariadne is often seen as the soft yet still the leader in her small group of friends who attend the local high school with her. She is always well mannered and quiet during school and outside of it as well. When people first meet her, that think her to be a talented girl who is very proficient in her talents and dedicated to her dreams however they have no idea that she spends most of her time dreaming of being with the university student who has held her heart for as long as she can remember, she day dreams of him often though nothing can happen between them because he is dating her cousin Usagi who is only a few months younger than her and she is too loyal to family to want to hurt her cousin in any way, shape or form so she simply keeps her feelings hidden as best as she can and she eventually begins dating the brother of the starlight’s and twin to yaten named Garrett.

She is the complete opposite of her cousin
Her parents died when she was a baby and she never knew them so she grew up in an orphanage until she was 13 when she finally decided to go out and make her own way in the world. She’s always lived alone and prefers it that way.

About the Senshi
Sailor Name: Sailor Solarith / Sailor sun
Realm of Influence: Fire / Sunlight
Transformation phrase: “Solarith Burning Sun Awaken!”
Colors: Red, orange, yellow and sometimes a little pink
Outfit: Standard Senshi fuku, red collar and skirt, orange bodice with orange sleeves, yellow ribbons on chest and lower back, red knee high boots, golden tiara with a glowing gold and ruby sun in center. Glowing gold and ruby son at top of skirt. Orange glove bands

Weapons: Solarith Staff of the sun
Items: Orange heart shaped locket with a red and yellow sun in the centre (the Solarith power locket.)

Attack 1: Vengeance of the emerging sunlight. – forms a bolt of orange glowing energy between the palms of both hands and extends them above her head, then blasts it at the enemy.
Attack 2: Solarith burning Mandala! – She aims her staff at the enemy and a stream of flames extends from the tip and forms a fire tornado around the enemy before burning them to a crisp.
Attack 3: Solarith solar healing eternity! – Touches the tip of her staff to the forehead of an evil being that was once human and purifies them, erasing their memory and allowing them to return to a peaceful life on earth

Sailor History: During the silver millennium, Ariadne had an older sister she had never met and a younger sister who was not born until she passed away when the silver moon kingdom was destroyed. Her parents were the king and queen of the kingdom of the sun and they had told her that her older sister was away in training somewhere in the far reaches of the solar system, learning to be a Senshi so that she could come back and protect them all. For that reason, her sister had become like a goddess to her and she would spend most of her days in the palace of the sun dreaming and wishing that one day the words of her parents would come true and she would be able to meet this sister so that she could tell her how much she looked up to her and how proud of her she was.

At the beginning of each month, she and her mother would go to the imperial silver palace located on the moon that orbited the earth in order to visit her mother’s sister Serenity and her daughter who was also called Serenity, the royal family of the moon. Ariadne would spend most of her time during these visits out in the gardens with her cousin for company and both would spend hours sitting among the flowers talking and laughing together, just like best friends would. One day, while the young princess Serenity was at one of her tutoring lessons, Ariadne was sitting alone in the gardens when she was approached by a mysterious stranger who was completely dressed in black and wearing a breast plate of armor and a cape just as a prince would. She found herself starring at him blankly, completely enraptured by his sudden appearance.
“My name is Endymion.” He had told her in that moment, bringing her back from where her mind was trailing off to. “Serenity told me to wait out here until her daughter finished her lessons, you must be her niece Ariadne of the sun? It is a pleasure to meet you princess.”
Completely stunned by his bold words, she found herself blushing with embarrassment.
Both sat there talking and laughing for a few hours until Serenity finally finished her lesson and came out to join them. Feeling that it would be best for her cousin to be alone with the man she knew to be the girls’ fiancé Ariadne excused herself with a few polite smiles and goodbyes and retreated to her room where she wrote in her diary about her encounter with the earth prince.
Later that night at dinner, Queen Serenity revealed news that she had granted Endymion permission to remain on the moon to stay at the palace for a years reprieve from his own kingdom on earth in order for him to become better acquainted with her daughter and she also asked Ariadne to stay and be companion to her daughter for propriety sake since it would be frowned upon for the moon princess to be alone with a man who was soon to become her fiancé. Ariadne agreed and stayed as she had promised.
Over the next few months, the two princesses and the prince spent much of their time laughing and talking together as they walked through the halls of the palace or sat together in the gardens. Ariadne found herself becoming more and more drawn to the prince as each day passed and eventually found herself yearning to be alone with him, just so she could learn more about what it was like to be among the people of earth, or perhaps she simply wanted to learn more about the prince himself.
Whatever the case, the two soon began to meet in secret once everyone within the palace was deep within the thralls of sleep, one night however everything changed when the prince admitted that he was also becoming more and more drawn to Ariadne and it sent her heart throwing into sparks. The two ended up kissing, making out and eventually went the whole way in the one night after vowing never to speak of it unless it was just the two of them since the prince knew he had to Marry Serenity and Ariadne knew that he belonged to her.
The next day, it was time for Ariadne to leave and she returned to the sun palace with a heavy heart and spent the next few months after that gazing from her bedroom window each night at the earth, and hoping that some twist of fate might bring her prince back into her arms someday so that they could be together.

Three years of silence passed, and no word from the moon kingdom had come, not even to say that the wedding of her cousin was soon to be held and Ariadne began to wonder if the prince had changed his mind about marrying the moon princess. Now holding a small child who was a little over two years old in her arms, she was summoned by a servant girl to a meeting with her mother in the throne room and had made her way there as soon as the message was delivered. Her mother told her to pack her things and be ready to leave that night because they had all been invited to the princess ball at the moon palace. Knowing that her cousin and the prince would both be there, she hastily followed her mothers’ orders and they left a little before nightfall for the moon so that they’d have enough time to prepare for the ball before it started.

One last dance with the prince, she had arrived and Endymion had immediately recognized her and had requested she be the first to dance with him and she had agreed. The pair danced across the floor to a soft waltz, he held her close the entire time and she could hear the beating of his heart.
Once the music ended, both retreated to a small balcony at the far end of the room and she smiled and congratulated him on finally making a date for his and her cousins wedding before excusing herself and retreating to her rooms to check on her child, though no one knew of the child’s parentage on the fathers side and she intended it to be a secret she took to the grave with her. She glanced at the small, raven haired sleeping babe and felt tears begin to come to her eyes when she noticed that the child looked more her father than her mother and she knew that someday Endymion would find out she’d kept it from him…

Torn from her thoughts by the sudden cries and screams coming from outside, she rushed to the window in time to see Endymion being swept into the air by a strong blast of wind, then her cousin, as she tried to reach for the princess hand was also swept up. She heard her aunt serenity scream and before she knew it, the bodies of Endymion, Serenity were floating; both of them were obviously no longer alive.
A look of horror crossed her face, then she noticed the bodies of many of the guests from the ball, along with the queens 5 guardian Senshi and she knew what she had to do. Turning to the small little girl lying in the crip, she closed her eyes and summoned her natural abilities from the sun to encase the child in a small bubble of suspended sleep and sent her floating towards the earth where she was certain she would be safe. Serenity stepped out from the shadows at that moment and pressed a gentle hand upon her shoulder “You know what you must do Ariadne.” She said softly, in her usual elegant yet kind and gentle voice. Ariadne gave a nod and the queen was gone in an instant. She grabbed the staff from behind the bedroom door and summoned her powers once more, the staff combining with her life-force and transforming her.
Sailor Solarith was born! Angered and enraged by everyone dying around her, she ran out to deal with whatever was left of the forces that had done this, and she knew she wouldn’t be alone because the outer Senshi would soon arrive along with Sailor Saturn to destroy all the planets of the silver millennium including the moon. She knew she would die as well, but swore she’d take as many of the enemy down before she fell as she could, she would make them all pay for the death of her loved ones.
It wasn’t the enemy who killed her in the end however, but the queens advisor Sailor Pluto herself who delivered the finishing blow. She never understood what had possessed the older, wiser female to attack one of her own warriors when she had only been doing what Serenity had ordered her to; however she knew that she would forgive Pluto in her next life regardless, because Pluto never did anything without a reason

Mission: To bring closure to her past life during the silver millennium due to having a lot of things she left unfinished, protecting the moon princess (her cousin) in order to insure a peaceful future and a new future for the moon kingdom on earth in the guise of the crystal Tokyo.

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