Monster Academy - Hiten Setsudanki Picture

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Hiten of the Setsudanki Clan (Setsudanki = Cutter in Japanese)
Glamor Name:
Hiten Setsudanki
Age: 197
Glamor age: 19 and three-quarters (which is very close to true)

Monster type:
Kamaitachi, japanese scythe-weasel.
- this monster is not uncommon in Japanese lore used to explain painful yet non-bleeding cuts upon a person’s legs after walking through the grass. Typically in troops of three, whether this group is a set of siblings or a father, mother, and child is unknown, each member of the group has a job. Riding the winds which they bare a natural elemental capability over, the biggest or the strongest bares the first job of knocking down their victim, the swiftest or the one with the sharpest scythes cuts the legs of the victim and gathers the blood, and the smallest, weakest, or youngest places medicine upon the wounds so that the victim is left with painful, not-bleeding wounds. These brief attacks usually happen and pass in under 10 seconds as a team, so very few individuals even realize that it was the Kamaitachi’s doing. Triplets in Kamaitachi are not uncommon and the life expectancy of these creatures is close to 1200 years. Fertility rates are astonishingly low though, so the population of Kamaitachi has never been recorded to be more than 400 at any given time.

Natural weapons: Scythe-forelegs and tail, teeth, natural flexibility, basic wind magic
Trained weapons: Scythes
Grade: freshman
Current Classes: Mischief&Mayhem
Passed Classes: N/A
Current Points: 0
Favorite class: MPE, Mischief&Mayhem, Potions
Worst class: History, Human Studies
Weakness: Physical attacks, fire, drowning, starvation, sickness, can’t swim, etc etc.
Major Skills: Speed, Flexibility, sharp-object use, cooking, great sense of smell and hearing.
Minor Skills: Basic wind magic, very fast reader, knowledge on Japanese lore.

At first distant and expressionless to strangers, once he knows your name he’ll generally warm up to you. He is very dedicated with his studying, after all his first name does mean Correction Marks, and enjoys reading for long periods of time. As a whole he is generally playful and sympathetic, although he has a tendency to be unintentionally rude due to his lack of tact. He lacks modesty although he has gradually learned where to draw the line in public places. He is bisexual.

Born an only child to the Setsudanki clan of Kamaitachi, his parents Utsuho and Akiha were middle-ranked members of the clan, allowing Hiten to spend his first few years alive in the comfort of middle-dominance and high care. All he knew for the first 5 years of his life was the burrow in which he was born before his young scythes grew strong enough to awkwardly carry him to the entrance where bright light stung his eyes, strange scents tickled his nose, and odd sounds perked his ears for the very first time. His eyes, though 5 years old, were still large, as he was but a crawling baby, and he retreated into the safety and comfort of his clan’s den for a handful of years as he grew.

Upon turning 15, Hiten had spent 7 years wandering outside the den, although never straying very far for fear of danger. He was growing well, although baring the common large white splash upon his forehead of adolesence. He was just under a third of his full grown size and he was deemed handsome for his kind, red touched with gold, the twin locks of green in the longer hair upon his head giving him a more handsome grass-touched look. A child in the eyes of the elders, but growing splendidly, he ate well and learned much. At the age of 40, Hiten was considered what is estimated to be in his early teens physically. This was a bit early, by approximately 10 years, but he left his clan’s comfort to find a place of his own. Should he find little comfort in the world, he was welcome back to the clan’s burrows always.

And so, Hiten wandered aimlessly. He flew on basic wind magic over the waters from Japan to China at one point in time, and as he wandered he only payed attention to the sights, reading whatever he could get his scythes on, and stealing food for which he enjoyed, although he was smart enough to know when he was taking too much to be noticed. He traveled up the coast of China and Russia, eventually over the straight that linked Russia and Alaska, following the coast all the while. He liked the sea. There were fish there, and where water was in sight, so was life, although he took care to not stray too deeply into the waters, for he could not swim with such forelegs that were his. In this time, he had gradually turned from 40 to 190, taking his sweet time with the sights. He rested upon the coast of the USA, although longing for Japan again. He knew the direction in which he traveled from Japan, first east and then north-northwest, then west, southwest, and then south. He had no idea the distance for each cardnial direction. But if he rode the winds east, he knew he was destined to arrive in the land of the rising sun. It took him close to 6 years to think of this, but as he was about to head off upon this trip home, he found a letter for him. An island in the direction of home. He then set off to find this place, hoping it would bring him oh so much closer to home where rice was sweet, fish was fresh, greens were organic, and eggs were wild.

- Eating rice, herbs, fish, and raw eggs.
- Cooking
- Reading
- Being Bisexual (although he leans more towards favoring men. It keeps his options open, being bi)
- Gliding using wind-magic
- Going Fishing
- Sleeping
- Japanese mythology
- the video game Okami (cuz it's relatively accurate in a spin-off-way in Japanese lore)
- long baths

- Eathing things with feet
- Frozen meals
- Shooting-Video games/TV in general
- Homophobia
- Swimming (note. He can't swim, but he wants to learn in his human form)
- Seeing fur coats
- Being woken up before he wants to wake up
- cold showers

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