Sailor Autumn Picture

Braith Gryphon
Sailor Autumn
Abilities over Metal and Lightning

Age: 18
Birthday: Sept 23
Eyes: Light Brown
Hair: Redish Brown
Skin: Light Tan
Height: 5'8
Weight: 145lbs
Blood Type: AB
Sun Sign: Virgo
Gemstone: Diamond
Likes: Peaches, Dogs, Math
Dislikes: Sports
Strongest Subject: Math
Weakest Subject: Sports
Strong Points: Rational Adaptable
Has Trouble With: Too Critical, Indecisive
Dream: Open a Tea Shop

Transformation Phrase and Item
Earth Autumnal Ribbon Make Up
Bracelet with a maple leaf charm

Baekho Roar - A fierce attack which summons a white tiger which roars and shoots white bullets of light from his mouth wach bullet explodes on impact.

White Tiger Claws - A physical attack that increases Autumn's strength and permits her to punch and kick with great strength.

Choices made in making this character
Her birthday is on the Fall Solstice in 2011
Her colors come from two sources the red is from the mulberry tree and Silver from the color of the Western guardian Tiger in asian mythology.
The Attacks use the Corean name for the Tiger.
The Transformation phrase is derived from the latin name for the Fall solstice, Ribbon is used because the lines of color are like extra ribbons in the uniform.

This senshi is created for the Sailor Seasons contest over at
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