Nommos Picture

A concept that was originally intended for the Ulaai (homeworld Onutei); but since I changed the whole premise of the Ulaai's design, this concept has been assigned to the amphibious Nommos of the planet Kinnad, which orbits the trinary star system known to us as Sirius.
Anyone familiar with UFO mythology will recognize the name "Nommo", and for good reason:
The Dogon people of West Africa believe that their ancestors encountered amphibious beings from the Sirius star system. They say the creatures called themselves Nommos.
The weirdest part about this is that not only did they know that Sirius had a companion star, and know that without ever using telescopes, they said that it was actually a trinary star system. AND THEY WERE EXACTLY RIGHT.
I forget exactly which planet they said the Nommos came from, but it does exist (though there is no proof as of yet that anything lives there).
Now here's where things get REAALLY weird, tying in with my galaxy (subconscious influence?) and giving me the creeps:
• I had set the N'quilles to live on the planet Yuzza, orbiting the star Polaris.
• I had set an amphibious species to live on Kinnad, orbiting Siruis. For an arbitrary reason, I decided to call them Nommos.
• I had set the galactic history to include a recent-ish cold war between the Nommos and the N'quilles.
Now look at my star map of the galaxy, with the relatively precise positions of all real systems:…
Look closely.
What star system is directly between Yuzza and Kinnad?


WTF IS GOING ON? First the Thyorans (… ), and now THIS!

Ok, weird (coincidences?) aside, here's the info so far on the Nommos:
The Nommos are an ancient, honorable race of amphibious humanoids from the wet world of Kinnad. They have the ability to breathe in water and in atmosphere, but they must keep their skin moist in order to stay healthy. Nommos also can communicate via sonic telepathy (a form of telepathy based upon the principles of sonar, similar to that of Terran dolphins or many other creatures across the starways.
Fairly recently, the Nommos had a brief conflict with the N'quilles of Yuzza, and one or two Nommo ships were reported to have made emergency landings on a planet with a primitive intelligent race. The Aehr, while disapproving of the war, were intrigued by the species and hoped that one day they might become spacefaring and potentially join the GDF. They also found it curious that this species has developed in the original Martian system on the planet occupying the next orbit in towards the sun from Replacement Mars. They set a stealth observation satellite in orbit around the planet, and programmed it to send the occasional radio broadcast to the planet, beaming the location and coordinates of Lyriat, but unfortunately the broadcasts were misinterpreted as directions to a planet in the uninhabited Reto (Böötes) system. The satellite itself caused panic and suspicion among the natives, and was eventually deactivated and retrieved by the MRA.
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