Zodiac: Aries Picture

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Here she is my Aries💕💕

Now of course everyone knows that Aries is the first Zodiac and they're all brave and aggressive and blah blah blah-
But now you don't wanna here all the basic stuff everyone always spews out right? So as an astrologer in training and a fellow Arian myself I'm here to go into depth about the true nature of the Ram 🐑

⭕️ MARS ⭕️
In Roman mythology, Mars (AKA Ares) was the god of chaotic war and was particularly known for how violent and gruesome a warrior he was- so much so that he would sometimes be considered to be less human but more animalistic. The red planet represents the animal instinct that has always been within humanity. Aggression, passion and anger come from this planet. Martians mentally are always ready to battle. This can actually leave them to fall prey to paranoia and anxiety (which often what many Martians have unfortunately). Mars also represents one's sexual desire for sex and pleasure can unlock our more primitive instincts.

Mars rules two zodiacs- Aries and Scorpio. Aries is the masculine side of the planet while Scorpio represents the feminine side. (Since Sheep Mom made her Scorpio male I decided to make Aries female so they can still represent the opposites in Mars ^.^)

•Its that fear you feel when you're climbing up the first hill of a rollercoaster-
and the intense feeling of euphoria mixed with fear you get when you finally rush down it.
•Its the feeling of nervousness mixed with excitement you get when you hear the gun fire signaling for your race to begin.
•It's rough sex- and the orgasm afterwards.
•It's the feeling of pure rage.
•It's "seeing red" when you're in a fight.
•It's fight or flight.

^^^ If you were to describe what Mars feels like to humans that is it right there. Overall it's the intensity of this planet that makes it so distinct from the rest.

♈️ ARIES ♈️
Dynamic, energetic and a bit reckless are some words that describes Arians perfectly.
The zodiac of Aries occurs between March 21-April 19 which is early spring in the north hemisphere. Springs is known as the rebirth of nature after the cold winter months and so activity goes on during this rebirthing process including the blooming of plants and awakening and returning of animals. This is embodied into the Aries. Arians are very energetic people who don't like to stand still very long. Aries is an cardinal sign- meaning that they're constantly changing and on the go. An Arians world is almost always moving a very fast pace. Arians are known masters of multitasking (though they do have a hard time with finishing anything they start). This also causes them to dislike sitting around doing nothing. Arians release their energy usually by exercising/sports, trying new things and/or sex. Being a cardinal sign also makes Aries to be very competitive and ambitious. Arians want to be the best, they want to be first, and they want to be the boss. And usually they are those things. This can cause an Arian to be a bit self-centered and egotistical.
They're not going to let anything stand in the way of their way.

As the days lengthen and nature begins to come back to life, Arians are also doing the same for humanity. A fire sign, people belonging to Aries are known the warm and friendly people. They can sometimes even be inspirational to others because of their ambition and child-like enthusiasm.
Especially in the US, spring is infamously known for turbulent and violent weather patterns (thunder/electric storms, tornadoes, hail, etc.). This is not exception to the Aries. Arians are extremely moody people and are easily angered. When angered Arians can be quite destructive (whether it be physically or mentally) in a very short amount of time. This also causes them to have a tendency to be impulsive and impatient. Arians are controlled by their emotions.

Extreme weather can go as quickly as it came and that can be said for an Arian also. While they're easy to upset, they're also pretty easy to please. Arians do not feel down for very long nor do they hold things against people. They're actually quite forgetful at times and can even be embarrassed by the rash decisions they made without thinking.

Overall, Arians are passionate and energetic spirits who are literally the embodiment of youth and health lol

Arians are often described as having brown/tanned for staying out in the sun all of time. They're also described as having extremely thick and wild, usually dark and curly hair (i meant to draw her hair to look wilder than what it actually looks lol)
Aries has an athletic body- definitely has some hella muscles (even though it doesn't seem like it all in the drawing lmao forgive me OTL)
Arians are known to have some hella arched and bushy eyebrows. I wasn't sure how to do her face structure?? Because like I want it to look intimidating yet youthful (and almost innocent) at the same time?? So I wasn't sure if I wanted to make her eyes to be big or not?? I'm not 100% sure so most likely when I draw aries her face may change a little as I become more sure
The color red are associated with Aries- so much that Arians even have reddish undertones in their hair/body/eyes. I gave Aries very dark brown hair that looks red in sunlight and almost black eyes that look like very warm brown/reddish in the sun. She also wears gradient blood red "Greek" dress with two slits in it so that it's easier for her to do more athletic oriented activities.

I also decided to represent gold in my Aries because it goes long with original myth of the constellation Aries. In Greek mythology, Krios Khrysomallos was a flying, golden fleeced ram who was sent by Nephele to recuse her children when they were gonna sacrificed to the gods. Krios carried her kids all the way to the end of the Black Sea and then told Phrixos to sacrifice him to the gods and put his fleece in grove of Ares. Krios became a constellation and ITS said that its fleece could heal any affliction.
I decided to give Aries golden earrings, choker, bracelets and headdress (with bloodstone and red jasper gems) to represent this myth. When Aries comes in contact with the sun, her skin begins to glisten lightly with golden flecks (almost like shiny freckles in a way).

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