HWE Mogui Picture

HWE Mogui

Alias: Mogwai

Status: Active as of 2049

Alignment: Chaotic Evil/Chaotic Hostile

Factions: Mogui/Guai Wu

Rank: 1

Height: Up to 1 meter in height.

Race: Yokai, Chinese Variant.

Weight: Normal


Don’t Get Wet: While a common misconception is that they multiply when exposed to water, being immersed in water is actually a powerful aphrodisiac sending Mogui into a lust-induced frenzy and desire to breed. Thus the reason they are said to multiply when the Rains come. No distinction can be made between female and male mogui, however.

Don’t Feed After Midnight: Specifically the Hour of the Ox, between 1 and 3 Am. This is the time Mogui are at their most aggressive and their strength and agility receives an increase in the duration as is their cohesion in a group which all serves for them to hunt down get food, captives (which most likely become food) tools, booze, etc quicker and more efficiently in this critical twilight hour before dawn.

Clever: Mogui can fashion primitive tools and appropriate tools from humans to use so it’s not uncommon to see a pack of Mogui using a bunch of farm tools as weapons on top of orchestrating simple stratagems, laying traps, planning raids, etc.

Strong: They are like a Chimpanzee in that their strength is immense for their size, one of them is more than capable of overpowering a man and either bludgeoning him to death with a tool or eviscerating him to bloody ribbons with its teeth and claws.


Don’t Expose to Light: Mogui while not killed by bright lights or the sun are blinded and their skin irritated by the harsh light. Thus when Mogui come out to attack it is almost always at night or during a storm.

Taoist Rites: Being an old Yokai and Yokai of Chinese Origin, Mogui are immune to Japanese rites or even Buddhism. Meaning Taoist rites such as the usage of Peachwood swords and other methods of Taoist rituals that are used to ward of Jiangshi likewise work wonders against Mogui warding them off or destroying them entirely.

Hedonists Extraordinaire: Mogui are creatures that are entirely motivated by their id. They have no conscience or inhibitions to speak of, they are a creature that exists solely for pleasure no matter its form. This can be their downfall as in their pursuit of pleasures, Mogui packs lose any sense of cohesion and tensions between members and the pack leader escalate until they are tearing each other apart. This also forces them to make constant stupid decisions and mistakes in their revelry that can get them killed. Their lack of concern for their own safety is often their own downfall.

Small Fry: Despite their strength, their weight and size still allows them to be batted around or knocked around by a large weapon. Their size also makes them susceptible to small arms fire or other around the house objects. Although at best you’d simply injure them without a blessed artifact or large bladed weapon to cut them to pieces with.


Autumn dawned over Yamatai as November began to take its hold over the Den of Predation. For Yamatai this meant colder, shorter days and longer nights. Migratory creatures would have already made their way south by this point to warmer climates of the plains, marshes and rainforests. However, humanity in the old city of Yamatai held firm as the hardy hominids have been known to do.

As the Shrine Maiden and her escort made their way back from her first successful extermination of a Yokai, the normally dry weather decided to take a turn for the worst. A sudden downpour enveloped the locality. Forcing the already tired and exhausted duo to take shelter indoors at a small local shrine.

“Ugh, just when we’re almost home it decides to rain! Just our luck.” Ruki cursed. She was tired, sore, and bruising from her encounter with the Aka Manto was starting to appear along her arms and neck.

“At least we found shelter in time Ru- I mean Miko-San” replied Amaro.

Ruki huffed. “Just when I thought I made progress with you---“she sighed to herself out of earshot.


“It is nothing. I guess we have to wait it out I guess.” Ruki sighed.

The Shrine was of an older design and of one more ornate then the comparably modest shrines of Shinto-Buddhist make. While small its pillars were painted a vibrant red, and gold and white flourishes can be seen on the old frescos.

“I don’t think this is of Buddhist, Shinto or Hoshoku make.” Amaro admitted.

“It isn’t. It’s of a Taoist or Confucian make.” Ruki stated as-matter-of factly. “Typical Shinto shrines pay homage to local nature spirits, Taoist are typically more ornate as they pay tribute and observation of the “Tao” or way. Although this one seems to be used for more traditional ancestor worship, seems relatively well kept meaning it’s probably a shrine belonging to a local family in Yamatai.” Ruki concluded.

“I see, Hoshoku sure is a diverse place, huh Miko-san?”

“In regards to today’s world, certainly an exception. Though throughout history, harmony and unity of various faiths have been a trend throughout this part of the world.”

“I’ve only heard stories of the outside world, and that giant boat only cements the wondrous things that happen out there now, how is it?” Amaro asked curiously.

“It’s--- alright I guess. Technology’s certainly improved, as do the human standards of living but give Yamatai a decade or so and it’ll catch up. Very crowded out there, and the world itself has many problems the villagers of Yamatai can barely comprehend. Rivers full of nothing but garbage, entire islands and cities laid lifeless by weapons. So it’s no worse or better than Yamatai, it certainly has many advantages over the village, but it has with it many disadvantages that Yamatai lacks as well.”

“I see. Hopefully I’ll set it for myself one day.” Amaro sighed as he gazed off into space, the sound of rain growing harder on the roof.

“If you continue to be my escort, you’re guaranteed to see it, Amaro-kun.” Ruki replied, winking at the boy.

“Thanks Ruki-San, I mean—uh”

“Seriously. Just call me Ruki, we’ve known each other for over a decade.”

“But that would be---“

“Informal. I think you deserve to know me informally.”

“Ruki. I hope you’re not going where I think you’re going with this.”

Ruki and Amaro jumped in unison at the sudden mental intrusion by Kaitheros.

“What do you mean?” Ruki replied when the sudden realization on what her words could have implied--- resulting in her face turning blood red.

“I----I----I--- would never--- I---” Ruki stammered, steam practically coming from her face in sheer utter embarrassment, while Amaro was oblivious to Ruki’s reasons of embarrassment.

“Kaitheros-sama! I would not engage as anything so uncouth as such actions with a Miko.”

“I know you wouldn’t. Good job.” Kaitheros praised, causing Ruki to get irritated.


“That I did. Anyways, the rain doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon. So you two might want to start making your time spent in that shrine appropriately. Say, it would probably be a good time to start Amaro’s crash-course in Yokai and informing him of all their intricacies and such. If history is any indication, a hostile spirit is often only the beginning. As for where to start--- you’re in a Taoist shrine and it’s raining. I think one of the older varieties is a good way to start out~”

Ruki took a deep breath, to gather her thoughts and shoo away any lingering embarrassment.

“Amaro-kun. Tell me, what do you know of Yokai?”

“Hmmm… Yokai are a variety of spirits, monsters and demons. Including Oni, Kappa, Tengu, Shapeshifters, giants, and all manner of ghosts. Typically defeated with religious piety and faith or some strange weakness like soybeans.”

Ruki was dumbstruck, okay Amaro wasn’t oblivious or an amateur in this regard.

“What? Did I say something wrong Miko-san?! I apologize for my ignorance!”

“I see, boy! You’re better off then Ruki was when she started.” Kaitheros said, his tone of voice teasing Ruki.

“It’s nothing Kaitheros-sama… it’s just all the stories and legends the other boys told me as a kid to get a frightened reaction from me, I’ve gotten used to them and grew up with them.” Amaro admitted. A face of understanding and empathy adorning Ruki’s face as opposed to the prior jealousy.

“That explains it then. Well that makes things run more smoothly nonetheless. We can cut out most of the basics and go straight to the intricacies, tell me, did these stories specify where said Yokai come from?”

“Yokai come from Japan, right?”

“The word, yes.” Ruki corrected. “the Hoshoku Miko like myself and Kaitheros use the term Yokai to describe any creature hailing from the Touhou Plane, a massive plane of existence similar to the Den of Predation, but much larger and without any central overseeing Arbiter. While many Yokai species come from or appear in Japan, many afflict most of East Asia. Specifically China, where they are called everything from Guai Wu to Mogui. However, those terms also describe specific creatures from the Touhou Plane, hence why we use Yokai instead as a broad-all-encompassing term.” Ruki included.

For the next half-an-hour Ruki would sit and educate Amaro on the Toho Plane, what it was, where it affected, as well as a more in depth understanding of what Yokai were. However, the rains ceased to stop even as afternoon came.

However, that would bring the conversation back full circle:

“Ruki-sa—I mean uh, Miko, I mean Ruki-san--- you said that the other terms for Yokai applied to specific creatures. Like what is a Mogui?”

Ruki was taken aback. Her own understanding of the Mogui was hazy and incomplete at best.

“One that Ruki isn’t that familiar with.” Kaitheros interrupted. “Naturally, given its recent rarity and age.”

“Oh you know them though Kaitheros-sama?” Amaro asked, while Ruki sighed with her own lack of knowledge.

“Do not fret, Ruki. The Mogui are something I should have covered before, so let me make up for it this time around. The Mogui are some of the oldest Yokai currently still existing in the Yokai Plane. The Yellow Emperor herself had the most problems with the packs of these hedonistic imps.”

“My understanding so far is that Mogui, due to their age and origin are immune to Shinto and Buddhist rites, correct?” Ruki asked to clarify and cement her tentative knowledge in her head.

“Correct. Mogui can only be harmed by Taoist instruments and faith, such as say, a peachwood sword. However they’d simply brutalize you if you attempt to placate them with Shinto. They are not unique in this regard as several Yokai require specific instruments from a specific religion, culture or faith to do away with. Many old Yokai species and Yokai species originating from the mainland such as Korea and China likewise would be immune to Shinto rites. Therefore the rites of the local beliefs and religious practices from Taoism, Confucian living, to even the folk religions and ancestor worship are what must be used to drive them off.”

“So what really are Mogui, then? Are they like Oni or Kappa?” Amaro asked.

“I can answer this one, Thero-Kun.” Ruki interjected. “Mogui are hairy imps with large ears. Typically around three feet tall or shorter. They might not seem too threatening, but they are not to be underestimated. They are stronger than a man and violent hedonists to the extreme. They breed with the rains and create or steal tools to use in their raids on villages of which they murder, devour, torture or even, *sigh* rape, anything they come across.” Ruki concluded.

“Simple, and correct. But there’s more to it. Mogui are driven to breed when immersed or drenched in any sort of water, including but most notably the rains. While I don’t know how they breed, Ruki can probably tell you the obvious assumption in regards to captives they take back to their lairs.”

“Parasitic Impregnation. Probably ends out just like Kappa.” Ruki sighed.

“While Mogui are hedonists, their drive to gain pleasure is often their downfall. They have little concern for their well-being which is why they tend to mob-rush in hoards with little strategy or cohesion. They run a huge independent streak as well, which is why leaders in Mogui hoards don’t last long with an occasional rare exception, as all others are beat or mauled to death by their fellow ‘comrades’”.

“That’s--- good to know, I guess.” Amaro replied. “They seem pretty small though, so couldn’t you just beat one around?”

“You could if you had a large blunt object or giant hunk of raw iron to beat or slash them around.” Ruki replied. “But they are like Kappa in that they are still clever and powerful for their size.”

“Correct.” Kaitheros added. “Although, certain hours are best avoided because Mogui can easily overpower you. For in the Hour of the Ox, the Mogui become more aggressive, faster, physically stronger, and overall more powerful. I assume this reason is that it is a critical hour before dawn which means they need to speed up to accomplish whatever their goals are.”

“Why? What happens at dawn?”

“Sunrise. Mogui naturally have contempt for bright lights and especially the sun, while it does not kill them, it causes their skin to break out in a rash, eyes to water, and other symptoms of an allergic reaction.”

With that said, the two realized that the rain had finally stopped.

“I would say more, but it seems you might want to leave while the weather has let up. I’ll see you both when you come back to the Shrine, we have much to discuss.”

With that the two left the shrine--- but not before Ruki stopped: and gave a prayer to the inhabitants of the shrine, thanking them for offering refuge as well as blessing the area. And with that the two made their way back to Kaitheros.


*continued on HWE Isshun Bosshi*

Yes. Mogwai are actual mythological creatures.

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