Fairy Tale World Picture

Poster done for my Chinese School's poster contest. I won second ;[ Chibi-Jun beat me D: Quality is really bad, sorry... I'll try to get a better picture once they give the poster back, which will be a loooooong time.

Anyways, the words in the middle says "Tong Hua Shi Jie" which means Fairy Tale World. I tried taking stories from
different cultures, not just fairy tales.

List of stuff (no particular order):
-Girl sitting on [moon] and the rabbit: Zhang Er (Chinese Folk Tale)
- Dragon: Random Chinese dragon I felt like putting on :]
- Tree: There are so many mentions of trees in stories like the tree of the world, life, just really symbolic.
- Wolf: There are wolves in a lot of cultures, it could be from Little Red Riding Hood to Fenrir.
- Shield with Medusa's head (Kind of hard to tell): Greek, duh.
- Bats: Often associated with vamps.
- Sword in Stone: Excalibur! ;]
- Tower: Rapunzel, cause if you look carefully, there's hair coming from the window.
- Candy house: Hansel and Gretel
-Lamp: Aladdin
- Grim Reaper: Uhhh... self-explanatory? o.o
- Castle: Happily ever after~ A must in Disney princesses
- Kappa: :]
- Giant beansprout/vine-thingy: Jack and the Beanstalk...
- Fishies: I really don't know... o.olll
- Cow in the corner: Uhh... Norse mythology and farm stories
- Music: A lot of cultures, think sirens or something
-Wizard hat: ...Mickey mouse?
-Fox: Mm... Yeah... I guess it could be a kitsune? or not ._.
- Little tiny witch: Self-Explanatory
-Pheonix: Yeahhh.... o.o
-Mouse on treebranch: Uhh... Think City Mouse and Country Mouse and tons of other stuff...
- Crown: Kings, queens, princesses, princes, etc.
- Hearts: I really don't know, some fairy tales have love right?
-Frog: Kiss it!~ xD;;
-Apple: Snow White, it could be golden, then you can think of Greek myths.
-Snake: ...
-Really hard to see glass shoe: Cinderella
-Eye person on branch: Kitaro~ >>;;;
-Stars: I don't know... ><
-Rose: <3 Sleeping Beauty
-Spider: Hmm... Itsy bitsy spider~~ Went up the water spout!~~
-Bear: Goldilocks!
-Pumpkins: Cinderella again..
-Fairy thingies: Can't be a fairy tale picture without fairies!
-Totoro: Self-explanatory
-Turtle running: Turtle and the Hare
-Ducky: Chibi-Jun wanted me to draw it...
-Butterfly: My signature! ;]
-Sun: Really, really self-explanatory
-Flower in the corner: To fill up space

I may have missed some... o.o;;; And this was a photo, not a scan so not the best quality ever, and I cut some stuff off on accident.
Materials: Watercolor paper, watercolor, acrylics, Gel pen, Copic SPs, Color pencils, pencil, eraser
Time: Including the other two drafts I drew before doing this... Probably 15+ hours (The poster is 12x18in.) ... Stayed up til 3 in the morning doing this... ._____________.lll
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