Icky Steampunk Cosplay Design Picture

Ha ha ha, in preparation for my group's debut in our Steampunk Airship Crew attire, I present to you the design for MY character...Icky!


Icky here is a rather cheerful (despite how she's pouting here) and empty headed girl who serves as the scout for the airship (which has yet to be named by the Captain). Spending most of her time in the crow's nest when not flying about in the clouds (or more accurately, crash landing painfully all over the deck) she is light hearted and upbeat. This is in contrast to the ridiculous number of bandaids and bruises she sports from her excessive crashes. She's a fantastic "cloud bouncer"...a ranged scout and general technician who works on and around the outer portions of the ship when its in the air. She just isn't very good at coming back down to earth again...

Icky's full name is Icarus D. Wainwright, and she's the only daughter of a famous inventor who researches and develops new means of air travel. It had always been their shared dream to develop a way for humans to travel without fake wings at all...so Icky dream is to make her father's come true.

Wearing a pair of mechanical brass wings, that are rooted into twin steam thrusters that are strapped onto her back, she has a pair of brass goggles for eye protection, shoulder knee and chest armor, a flight suit she wears underneath, and brass spurred grips that are clamped onto her boots for traction when she lands.

She typically carries a knife and a telescope to get her job done, and usually visits the other crewmen for repairs every other day, due to the condition she tends to end up in (as is evidence of her most recent crash). She is generally well-liked by the crew, in a stupid puppy sort of way. But has never been trusted with the actual piloting of the ship. (She had offered before). She respects her captain and loves her crew, and wants nothing more than to keep on flying with them.

Icky is clumsy and naive. But no matter how many times she tumbles down through the sea of clouds, this winged aviator never stops soaring toward the sun.


On a side note, since this IS my own personal design...I will be posting pictures of the actual costume pieces as I finish them. Look forward to it!
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