Huitzilopochtli Picture

Huitzilopochtli the Hummingbird of the left hand, Blue Tezcatlipoca, and King of the Aztec gods. He was god of: The Sun, Fire, War, South, and Human Sacrifice. Human Sacrifice may seem like a terrible thing to us today, but in Aztec culture it was considered a noble honor to be a sacrifice. In Huitzilopochtli's case, they believed that the god who controlled the sun was the king of all other gods, so when the sun set they believed it was going to the underworld, and Huitzilopochtli had to carry it every night and protect it from other gods and monsters that wanted to steal it from him. They would sacrifice a human heart to him, believing it would give him nourishment and power to protect the sun, otherwise the sun might not rise the next morning. They probably didn't actually sacrifice people every day, only on special occasions.
It's also believed that if you were a warrior and you died in battle, your spirit would turn into a humming bird and you would join Huitzilopochtli in the sky!
Huizilopochtli was conceived when his mother found a pretty looking feather and decided to put it in her dress, but then the feather climbed up her vagina and impregnated her for at least the 201st time. She decided to keep the child which made one of her daughters furious that she'd disgrace their family by allowing this to happen and give birth to this accidental god. She rallied her brothers and sisters to kill their mother and the child, but as she was cornered on top of a mountain, Huitzilopochtli jumped out of her vagina as a full grown man in armor, and killed all 200 (or so) of her brothers and sisters, chopping their heads off, and then tossing them into the sky, turning them into stars. One word...BADASS!
I decided to draw the warrior king god in a more relaxed picture, sitting on a mountain among his hummingbirds and eagles with his helmet and shield to the side.
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