Rise of the Legends Picture

The story originated from the abundance of animal related myth between the sword and the power of magic, beyond reason at this time. Where history becomes legend, and legend became myth to which should be a warning to be aware of it, however. The story of the struggle which mythology the Light-Knights in terms of loyalty, honour and glory with the witch of darkness?!.

Along the north end of the rule of Greenplazhi (Ancient Plazhin), where the story begins, at the 550 years ago, before the largest battle involving the battle of the Fourth Kingdom assisted of magical powers (due to the enmity the successor throne the Greenplazhi Empire). That Empire is divided into five areas that large is the Kingdom of the Ta-Kagiin, State of Shaangiland, State of Mozzanic, the Ruler of Candemma ((Guardian border, the Greenplazhi city-walls (former the first capital city)) and the Kingdom of the Immoland.

1745 BA, The story of the romance of a witch, Jianeora met a young his name is Doshi Mozzanits (his successor to the legitimate of the Greenplazhi Empire), to experience things outside of the allegations in the adventure as well as bring the mandate of the Fellowship from Darzhi Mozzanits (his brother, ruler of Mozzanic) to their cousin who became the ruler of Candemma and Im-Mo. but also dislikes Darzhi against with his lover, Jianeora (a result of the past, the defeat of the legion of Greenplazhi when failing to quell the Dark-knights, where the one of lieutenant is Bogdrahn of Wozzan, because they assisted the power of witches). with the final results, the Empire has split off into five territories where is Bogdrahn as the King of Ta-Kagiin, then what happened?! is a hopeless result or not ?

- Phyllizea, ruler State of Deelmona (Ta-kagiin allies) -
Jianeora (is young name of Phyllizea)

model : Sun XR
visual design : me

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