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"And so, before the expanse of stallions, it was a stand-off; a battle of wits turned battle of words held before the assembly. With horn still aglow with the heat of battle, young Arabius turned from the scene..."

Anybody remember the lineup of next gen foals I posted a while ago? No? oh... well,

This is Estella, the younger of Pip and Zipporwhill's twins. She'll be a foal in most of the art I'll do of her, but this is what I imagine her looking like when she's older. She's let her hair grow out.

Much like the storytellers of the Greek era, Estella recounts tales beneath the stars. I like to think that, in the same way that the Greeks found different characters and stories to be recorded in the stars, Luna wove her own stories into the night sky. Constellations, like on earth, have been charted and named, depicting the heroes of Equestria in all their glory. Estella prides herself on her knowledge of these characters and stories, and has become a theatrical storyteller. She does a lot of event-based retellings for things like Nightmare Night and the Summer Sun Celebration, which have rich roots in legends and mythology. Between events she works with the local Foal Scout groups, especially when they're camping and need a good fire-side story.

To clarify, her talent is in storytelling, both original and retellings of old mare's tales. I find the oral tradition of storytelling to be an intriguing idea, and thought that it would make a great basis for a character.
(Estella = star = what the Greeks used to tell stories)

Pardon the odd modge-podge of MS Paint and GIMP techniques. Still working on that.

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