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The theme for their Figure Friday Challenge for 09/06/2013 is "favorite trope".

My favorite trope is dual protagonists. You know how it goes: They were friends, but they spend most of the story as each other's antagonists, then they team up again at the end. It's awesome. ^_^

And for anyone else who likes mythology, it just reminds me of those stories where the warrior hero travels with the shaman hero, and they both go on the Hero's Journey but have different (external/internal) perspectives. Like the Native American story of the 2 sons of the Sun travelling to their father's house.

Now that I look at this photo, I just noticed that all the primary protagonists are mostly red, while the secondary protagonists are mostly blue. And if I had ended up adding Sol and Ky or Naruto and Sasuke, like I was originally considering, it would still be true. lol I'm sure it's coincidentally appropriate to the whole warrior/shaman symbolism.

Lelouch and Suzaku trading figurines are from Banpresto.
"Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion" anime is by Sunrise.

Sora and Riku figurines are Play Arts from Square-Enix.
"Kingdom Hearts" videogames are by Square-Enix and Tetsuya Nomura.

Dante and Vergil figurines are Play Arts Kai from Square Enix.
"Devil May Cry 3" videogame is by Capcom.
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