9 OC Revision: Zero to Skoll Picture

I really need to stop procrastinating BUT WHATEVS!!

This is a MAJOR revision of my 9 OC, Zero. After some... bumps in the road... I looked at her older style and started sketching some different versions of her. And so I settled on this one. I added some details from movies and shows that I like so the character is more... me. For exampleee, the scarf and arm bracers are inspired from The Avengers; more specifically, Loki. Her lower arm is designed to sort of represent the game Portal. Mostly just the colours but eh.

And as for her name, I changed it. I like "Zero" for her name but so many people in the 9 fandom already have used it or some other variation of it so I wanted to change it. Even though I said I wouldn't..... SO YEAH.

I changed her name to Skoll. It comes from Norse mythology. Skoll is a wolf that chases the sun. Thats one thing that I read. I actually noticed that after I picked her name that her symbol kinda looked like a wolf head. Like the two eyes and nose..........yeah.

Name: Skoll
Gender: Female
Height: 6.5 inches
Voice: Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect-2012)

Skoll is one of those people who enjoy the company of others but choose to stay quiet and observe the conversations. She isn't the type to just walk up and start talking to others. On the subject of observation, she is VERY observant. Like, Sherlock-fucking-Holmes observant. Who ever created her must've given her the quiet sciencey/physiological part of themselves, indicating they were some sort of scientist.

However, despite having the smarts of a super computer, she rarely uses her 'mind' unless she is building something or looking for something/someone. She may also use her mind to deduce threats if she should meet any other stitches.

Skoll is typically very skittish and hesitant, as any one would be if they spent the majority of their life alone, but
she is very open and generally a positive person. Though she can have her days when she'll try to rip someone's head off. At times, Skoll can be sarcastic or silly, the latter very rarely as her more sophisticated part of her mind refused to do so. As for friends, when she finds someone who will stick by her and not abandon her (which has happened too many times for her liking) she will do her up-most to protect them, even if that means putting herself in danger.

.......... I spend too much time on these things XC
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