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Mob Goblins.

Behavior: These social Goblins prefer urban settings or cave systems, and live comfortably in very large groups. While most Goblins are no strangers to the concept of cooperation, Mob Goblins take it to the extreme by functioning as a genuine hive mind. Hundreds of Mob Goblins can work together as a single entity for mutual interest, often working diligently on a single project such as a road, an excavation or the construction of an air ship with flawless team work. They have highly acute senses, which is why they often wear large, thick clothing to prevent themselves from being overstimulated. While they tend to be fairly insular, Mob Goblins have been known to adopt other species into their fold and consider them part of the collective. Smaller groups can break away from the main Mob to strike out on their own, though the group is still considered a single being in several bodies. Rare in the extreme is a Mob Goblin that breaks away completely to walk alone.

Mythology: Mob Goblins typically scoff at the idea of creation myths, having accepted the notion that they are simply the product of very effective evolution, though their history states that at one point they believed they were a omniscient titan that had been shattered into millions of pieces. They will still indulge in various superstitions and traditions, however, and they collectively tip their hat towards the setting sun once a year on Shard Day.

Abilities: Naturally, Mob Goblins greatest strength is their ability to work as a team, and their instant communication ensures that they can attack from multiple directions with perfect timing, and also allows them to defend with equal speed. (Considered to be telepatic) Mob Goblins also have incredibly accurate senses, and often train to hone these abilities. (Bonus to all perception checks)

Bhurka Goblins.

Behavior: These Goblins have one of the most unique life cycles among the various subspecies, as they are actually amphibians who start out life as tadpoles in underground lakes. As tadpoles, Bhurka Goblins eat the lichen that grows in their lakes, displaying their sharp teeth to potential threats and fleeing any aggressive behavior, as they are incapable of harming anything that is not moss. When they mature into their adult selves, the Bhurka Goblins leave their lakes to emerge out to the desert above, joining the families that guard the caves or joining the caravans that roam the sands. Bhurka Goblins will rescue anyone they encounter stranded in the desert, but will never willingly allow anyone to enter the spawning caves.

Mythology: Bhurka Goblins are a very spiritual people, who revere their goddess as the source of all that is good in their lives. Every established group of Bhurka Goblins has a cleric in Her service to offer guidance to their comrades, and many Bhurka Goblins feel the call to walk the world and spread the word of their goddess to everyone they meet. The vast majority of Bhurka Goblins will try to act in a way that they feel is pleasing to Her, and is one of the reasons they are courteous to everyone that they meet, and will offer food, drink and rest to anyone who requires it.

Abilities: As one would expect, Bhurka Goblins are masters of their domain, and can usually find food and water in even an unfamiliar desert. (Bonus to all Survival checks in a desert environment) Due to their early exposure to water, Bhurka Goblins also have a paradoxical affinity for water, and many study this element when researching spells. (Bonus to all spells with Water in the descriptor)

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