BSSMSol - Saule and Menuo Sketch Picture

I actually drew this first and then looked up the sun :3. This mythology was PERFECT for this storyline! Saule and Menuo were husband and wife but Menuo fell in love with the Morning Star (or Venus as it's also known) and there were three things that might have happened - Menuo gets torn up into two pieces every month, or they divorced but both wanted to see their daughter (Earth) so that's why there's night and day, or Menuo had his face disfigured :3.

So! This is the enemy (and enemy behind the enemy) to Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Solstice. Menuo is the man with the 'disfigurement' that is actually Saule who embedded great power into him. Saule is that figment of Chaos that controls the 'supposed' enemy (a theme in the Sailor Moon verse, thought I might stick with it). She's basically a flame that has a transparent feminine figure.
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