Past Present Future WIP Picture

Here's something I'm currently working on, it's my oc Amelia (Amy) in her past, present, and future form. I tried to make past form look more natural, her present form more contemporary, and her future form more mature and God-like. Any suggestions are welcomed (whether they be for the attire or story).

The colors I plan on using are many variations of red, orange and yellow.

A lot of things in my imagination are usually heavily influence by greek mythology. Even more so since I'm reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Anyways I'm still working on how to tell this story. So far I have that the Greek Gods and Goddesses were slain, but before their demise they picked a small group of their loyal believers and put their powers within their souls and put them to sleep, only for them to be reborn in the future and hopefully revive Olympian becoming future God's and Goddesses themselves. And here's Apollo's pick, Amelia, she comes from a wealthy family who follow Apollo.

Of course that's just a rough idea, I just need a solid beginning. I'm still working on who the antagonist will be. I'd like to use and make up a Titan as being the one who slayed the Olympians, but my only issue with that is that particular storyline might be taken out of context and/or people could misconstrue it with being a metaphor for Christianity (which would not be my intention at all). But that last created Titan would be a good excuse for all the turmoil (past present and future) going in the world (wars and such).

But regardless I plan on using some sort of Greek mythology background. Keep in mind I'm rearranging this story's characters as well, I've kept a lot of them for the longest time, but I really need to update it. So I might end up removing and/or changing some oc's.

I plan to color this in photoshop, but I need to darken the lines even more than I did earlier so I'll know what to color and where to color it. I used three different references even if you can't tell with the first two poses, but I really did.

Reference: Maryse
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