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Omegaddon (Oh-MEGA-don) was one of the near-immortal Ominex, a fleeing criminal sociopath fugitive from the dual-star planet Omine (OM-in-ay) who managed to escape with a broken guidance system and crash-landed on earth, totalling his starship. All of the Ominex inhabitants are gifted with varying levels of super-powers, but Omegaddon's dangerous power over destructive forces soon made him revered as a feared god on ancient Earth. Worse, the effects of a unique phase of radiation coming from Earth's evolving sun on his super-powered physiognomy affected his mind further. Omegadon established and ruled over a dark, cruel underworld for hundreds of years.

Recognizing the danger Omegaddon posed to any inhabited worlds he might happen across, a determined Ominex detachment eventually located him on Earth. During that journey, however, a hyper-space storm prevented final communications of their post-warp-jump position from being sent back to the Omine homeworld. The homeworld was unable to pinpoint the detachment's location among millions of planets but kept looking. The single sun configuration of Earth made it more difficult for Omegaddon to wield his powers, but he learned how to maximize their effectiveness over hundreds of years, honing them as far as he could like an inmate wokring out in a prison yard.

More experienced at utilizing his powers on Earth's weaker solar system, Omegaddon nearly triumphed in repelling his numerous would-be newly-arrived captors. Despite many casualties during an epic clash, Omegaddon was ultimately defeated by the detachment leader and was imprisoned. The unleashed destructive forces however destroyed the detachment's starships and stranded them all on Earth with the homeworld having no knowledge of their specific whereabouts.

The near-immortal Ominex carved out a life on Earth as best they could but were also affected by the unique radiation coming from Earth's evolving sun on their super-powered physiognomies and minds. Far from evil behavior, they often behaved as emotional roller-coasters, obsessed with adulation and manipulative entertainment, resulting in them being set up as some of humanity's most powerful gods, the ones you know from mythological histories around the globe.

Eventually, the Ominex homeworld located their missing comrades and extracted many of them from Earth, but the detachment's extreme guilt over the degree with which the prime non-interference drirective had been horribly violated compelled many of them to stay to assist humanity's evolution behind the scenes. The detachment leader and some of his most loyal officers opted to stay on Earth. The Ominex ships' labs quickly synthesized a vaccine to stave off the undue mental influences of the single-star system and provided ample supplies including warp-drive jump ships. Omegadon was taken aboard for transport back to the homeworld to await justice for his crimes.

What the Ominex did not count on however, was the extreme power Omegadon had developed in learning to wield his powers under the Earth's weaker system. When he arrived back at their dual-star homeworld, Omegadon's power surged significantly. He destroyed the ship, killing many of the passengers and fled once more.

Omegaddon's activities over the last two millenia are unconfirmed although stories surface from time to time that he is amassing a large empire in a tri-star system in an uncharted part of the galaxy. Omegaddon has made a vow of revenge against his homeworld and against the detachment leader who imprisoned him on Earth for so very long.

It is rumored that his name is the actual bastardized source for the the word "Armageddon."
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