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Erif, Erutan, Dniw, Naeco and Tirips...

The Elemental Five...

I created the Elemental Five as a stock set of mythological beings if I need some sort of mythology for a mysticallish race. Also, I wanted my logo to mean something. XD Any of the following "explainations" of the history/powers of the Elemental Five is fiction. I'm not starting a cult with these guys.

This is Erif, the leader of the Elemental Five. Even though the Elemental Five are pretty much "gods", Erif does not wear royalty-esque clothing like Dniw, Naeco and Tirips. He dresses like a commoner, to show that he doesn't see himself above the average Joe. The only thing signalling his status is his ruby... thingaroundhishead(dunno what to call it), which is where his powers(control over fire) come from. According to legend, he created volcanoes and reptiles. He is said to live on the Sun, though he has a summer home in Kilauea(and I mean in Kilauea).

Erif and the Elemental Five © PuppyLuver Studios
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