Vanishing Light Picture

Dragon: Sindri-Old Norse name, possibly meaning "sparkling." In mythology, this is the name of a hall in the world that is supposed to exist after Ragnarök, having a roof of red gold.

Gryfon: Havard- Icelandic form of Old Norse Hávarðr, meaning "high guard."

Havard barrel rolled to the right only just avoiding the claws of an angry red Eastern dragon, but clipped his right wing on the body of his sky brother causing him to lose altitude. He opened his wings to full length, stopped his fall, banked left, and circled once. Sindri, Vard’s crimson and gold adversary for the moment, dive bombed the sapphire gryfon, but missed catching a claw on the neck. They ended up on an even vertical plane, circling each other breathing heavily and bleeding from their wounds. Havard had spotted the fire-breathing trespasser toward the end of the day shift. He was flying back to the pride, planning to take a well-deserved nap, when he spotted something glistened gold red then disappear behind a jutted out bluff in the distance. It was his duty to check anything and everything he found suspicious so the Aesir guard soared easily to the cliff top to get a high point of view. Vard pressed himself low to the ground, crept to the edge, and peered over. A serpentine, red blur rush upward in front of him and circle around. Eastern dragon. The scales of the beast were dark crimson and blood red, laced with bright gold and it also had massive, red feathered wings that he use to propel its coil like body. The only question was...what was it doing so far into Aesir territory let alone gryfon nesting grounds? Havard reared back and took off after the lithe intruder. Sindri and Havard had been battling for longer than either beast expected. Sindri had drifted absentmindedly into gryfon territory in search of food when he sensed hostile eyes following him. The dragon combatant doubled back and rushed toward the stalker hoping to frighten it off, but was instead engaged in combat, which did not worry him for he was one of the top fighters in his flight. He would put this birdbrain in his place. The Aesir had had almost the exact same idea. He had meant to scare off the intruder with maybe a swipe on the nose as a souvenir, but then he was rushed and reacted on instinct. Being a great warrior and with the motivation of protecting his home, the gryfon thought the battle would be won in a matter of seconds, but the dragon put up quite the fight. They zoomed back and forth, slashing and growling at each other. Each was only barely able to avoid the other’s attacks. Now the warriors were on the same eye level preparing for what each hoped to be the final strike. They both tipped their left wing down and swiftly glided into a charge aiming directly for the other’s throat. Havard caught Sindri’s snout in his left talons so the dragon would not be able to use its notorious flames, but his right became intertwined with the Easterner’s left. Sindri’s right claws kept the razor beak of the gryfon away from his throat. There was a glint in the serpent’s eye and he curled his body around the gryfon’s causing the bright, blue wings to be forced shut. Unfortunately, though the Eastern dragon’s wings were great, they were not strong enough to support himself with the additional weight of a full-grown gryfon, so the two bodies plummeted toward the rocky beach below and landed hard on a sand drift. They ripped apart and stood facing each other, but kept in mind how badly injured they themselves were at the same time. For a while, they simple stood there, feigning an attack crouch, but breathing and bleeding heavily. Sindri’s eyes became unfocused and he slowly tilted to the right, but hastily caught himself and shook off the daze. Vard tried to circle to the right to pin the bloodied reptile to the cliff, but soon found he had sprained his left hind foot and felt a possible fractured rib. He cringed from the sharp pain and resumed his former position. An intense staring contest ensued as each dared the other to make a move, but as the sun set and the adrenaline began to filter, out their bodies began to ache and they felt weak standing cold and wet both foaming at the mouth. Simultaneously, a soft expression came to the battered combatant’s eyes. A sense of understanding seemed to be exchanged from mind to mind. Sindri slowly backed away, turned and feebly flew off in the direction he had come from. Havard watched him leave, then let his head drop for a moment before he started back to his pride for a very long nap.
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