Exchange Student Picture

I wish I had time to make this better, but it's already late thanks to tech crew, and I wanted to get it up. And you get a bonus ficlet with the picture, yaaaaay.

Maxie had been to Sinnoh once and only once. Which was good, because he hated that Groudon-foresaken place. For one thing, it was filled with water. It was like living in a giant effing puddle.

But it also had the best mythology and archeology programs of ANY region, so it was there he went for two semesters as a foreign exchange student. Most of the people were 'eh' - couldn't expect much from the proud citizens of a freaking puddle, but there was this one girl...oh, he liked the girl.

She shone like she had her own sun, and for the endless dreary days of rain in this place, she WAS his sun. Not just bright in manner, either, but in mind - so brilliant, the first to ask the probing questions, the first to try something new - so full of energy and life. That was why Maxie could never figure out why she hung around with him.

He was the other thing Maxie truly hated about Sinnoh, that know-it-all, holier-than-thou, bastard Cyrus. He was the one contending with Maxie and the girl, Cynthia, for the top spot in the class, oh yeah, real big shot. He made it clear that Cynthia was with him, or so it seemed to Maxie's eyes - giving anyone who dared even look at her a frosty glare that sent them steps back.

And make no mistake; he hated Maxie just as much as Maxie hated him. A threat to the unofficial title of class brain was one thing, but the way Maxie got along with Cynthia was another. Sometimes the sheer loathing radiating off Cyrus made Maxie actually grin - Yeah, that's right. Don't leave her alone for ten minutes, Cy, 'cus that's enough time for her to realize that the one she needs isn't you.

The truth of that filled Maxie with an unbearable frustration, especially whenever the three were together talking about something. She always laughed at his jokes, even when they were terrible - he could tell she didn't enough laughter with Cyrus. Once he'd said something that put her in hysterics, tears of laughter streaming down her cheeks and all. Cyrus had given Maxie the coldest glare imaginable, then he'd put his arm around her.

Maxie really, really hated Sinnoh.
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