Page 8 (preview) A Night To Remember (Blue) Picture

Here's a little preview of page 8... It's almost done now. It would have been done a few days ago if not for "Dawnguard".
I was sketching the page when I suddenly remembered the what me and my gamer-bro were talking about the last weeks at school. Then I remembered I had never seen the Dawnguard trailer. .. so I did.... and died a little inside.... The next morning I downloaded it on my Xbox.
Dear Behtesda, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

They've added a lot of extra thing like female falmers(with terribly ugly hairstyles), a normal looking falmer/snow elf, werewolf perk-tree and Vampire deathlords.
Arvak too! (though it's kida strange he's a skeleton. In Norse mythology he's a sun horse that pulled a wagon or something over the sky. I think his name means "Vigilant" (årvåken)


Umm... all right... Now there's something about this comic I'd like to explain;
In my imagination there are more than one dragonborn. (Arngeir himself says that there might be more than one too)
So Blue is not the "official" Dovahkiin. He never meets the greybeards or Paarthunax or the Blades (Chantal's got that honor).
Here's what Blue does;
The Dark Brotherhoos questline
Thieves Guild questline
Dawnguard questline (the vampire's side)

A Night To Remember (Sanguine's quest)
The House Of Horrors (Molag Bal's quest)
... and some other too... I don't remember them all riht now..
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