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For most of his day and night, Hades sat on his throne, dealing out the fate of those that had died. It was a simple task most of the time, though it could be difficult at others. Most that came through his gates hated him, and some even made the attempt to fight him for freedom. It was frustrating on some occasions, when it was a child or someone frail, to give them their fate. He was not a black heart as most assumed, he just carried himself in that way as to not look weak. He hardly smiled, for there was no reason to. On small occasions, Zeus, his brother, would allow Hades a moments peace, time for himself.

The question most would ask would be 'What do you do when you are God of the Underworld? King of the Dead? Shepard of those lost souls?' In Hades case, for the last few months, he watched a goddess, to be exact, he watched Kore, a nature goddess. He did not know how it had happened, but the first time he saw her, some new feeling had come over him. He believed the mortal's called it love.

He found her to be the most beautiful, kind, and loving creature. She walked and danced around as though on air, with not a care in the world. Her hair moved of its' own accord, and shown brightly in the sun, brighter and shinier than any jewel Hades owned. The only time he would let a smile light his face was when looking at these visions, and he longed so much for her to be his, for her love. That could never happen though, she was a daughter of the light, and he, he was darkness.

So every time he was called back to his duties, he would take one last glance at the vision in front of him and he would sigh forlornly before whispering to himself.

"They should have called her Persephone, for she's the only light in my dark world."

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