Influence Map Picture

At some point I totally failed. Well:

1. Kuroshitsuji/yana taboso
I LOVE THIS. It's kinda like drugs for me. I picked this picture because it makes me giggle to see hip hop sebastian.

2. Vampires
Not girly frilly sparkling vampires, the good kind. The kind that have skin /problems/ in the sun, have real fangs, red eyes, and eat people. And have long hair. :>

3. Chevelle
This is a band that's pretty fricking local. One of the guys went to my school. But anyways, I adore their music. It helps me draw/paint/whatever I do.

4. *vinny-chan
One of two absolutely favorite dA artists I love. I love how she uses pencil, like simple graphite. *vinny-chan.

5. Yaoi

6. Mythology.
Mythology inspires a ton of my characters and artwork, greek/english mythology inspired a whole story line.

7. Jeffree Star
His music and him. His music gets me to draw most of what I don't post :>. And he himself inspired my character Lyle.

8. Hetalia

9. Europe
I love this continent >u<.

10. Headphones

11. Chicago
My hometown and the best city I know. >u<.

12. History
self explanatory.

13. Historical fashion
Well, all fashion ever. I love looking at much older stuff though. This dress is also just awesome.

14. Kingdom Hearts
Very, very, very recent influence, but I love it. This game is druggy.

15. *Elaine-sensei
One of two absolutely favorite artists on dA I love. I love her art and coloring style. And her OCs. *Elaine-sensei
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