Face Me, If You Dare Picture

For PKMNation April's Foolery week three event.

Oh dear, looks like
Sven is in trouble. Can he bring himself to do what he has to to get past his beloved Kudryavka and stop the culprit that is controlling her?!

This was fun to draw. And I am very pleased with how my Rarity Espeon design turned out.
Here it is by itself. sta.sh/016aj68t7pah
I chose Espeon because I love them, and because of the psychic mind control hypnosis thing going on in this event. If it is the rarity that is doing all of this, then it would make sense that it would be one that has psychic powers.

I'm not sure if I am ment to give it a special rarity title, but I did come up with "Rising Sun Espeon" which I come up with based on the fact that I was imspired by Ra from Egyptian mythology, particually his morning persona Khepri the scarab. Thus the reason I made/gave the Espeon gems that slightly resemble scarabs. It's jewelry is actually apart of it's body, and not just for decoration.

Sven gains 9? levels for: Partial body, background, shading, event, and lifemate status?
Kudryavka 10? levels for: Full body, background, shading event and lifemate status?

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.
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