Celpie: Origin of an unknown hybrid Picture

Quick Fact: The actual myth, the Kelpie, is one of my favorite creatures ever since the beginning of high school. I got inspired by it that I made my own line of hybrid and why not start with a bio? so here it is.

Origin: A Celpie is what people called "unusual species" because its traits and behaviors are not like a regular horse should act. Instead it is a mixture between other mythological creatures. the most common one is hybrid of a wolf and a kelpie, giving it jagged teeth and a wolf like posture. Once in a New Moon, they change parts of their body of wolves(like hooves turning into paws), terrifying facial features, and the ability to gain speed and an improved endurance.

What is known is that they spend a lot of time in the rain and are very stealthy during night where they tend to follow travelers out of curiosity and avoid places that are lit or people who carry torches, But Celpies are very rare to find since they are not the kind of socializing animals to deal with.

Aggression: Celpies can be neutral towards lost victims or adventurers, in which they have no desires to kill. But getting caught by one during a new moon, eclipse, and blood moon can get very gory and terrifying. Their roar can cause groups of mercenaries to shiver and lone wanderers to worry. The creatures can also stalk random victims with ease, even their staring can bring uneasiness.

Habitat: Usually they don't have a place to stay so they travel across the world, which is kind of a mystery of why they do that.

Types: Each Celpies are distinguish by their ears and eye colors
Furry ears-Dangerous Red eyes: Calm Other light colors:Neutral
Smooth ears-Carefree, easygoing Orange eyes: lethal Other Dark colors:Neutral
Chipped ears-Rebellious Black eyes
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