Fenrir's Longing Howl [WIP] Picture

It's Skoll and Hati's dad, Fenrir! And he's in chains made by dwarves. They made it from some really funny ingredients, like the sound of a cat's step, the beard of a woman, the roots of a mountain, bear's sensibility, fish's breath and bird's spittle. I think Blodarn told me something else about the ingredients at some point, but that's what the Wikipedia says and unfortunately, I forgot most of the ingredients in any case. And they were all formed into some sort of thread to hold Fenrir. Nice logic, but well... if you can hold a gigantic wolf with these, everything's all good. In most illustrations, Fenrir's also depicted to be held in captivity by something that resembles a silken spider's thread. So I spread the illogical concept into my own drawing, as well. I wanted to make Fenrir look something unique, so I also gave him unique markings. As you can see, he's already grown pretty big. And when he has gotten too big for his bonds, he'll break free at Ragnarök and eat get killed by Odin while also getting Odin killed in the process. Ahh, but I think you already know what I mean.

I also read more on Skoll and Hati, and they actually seem to be chasing chariots of the sun and moon, too. So like I discussed with Diluculi before, these wolves also chase chariots of respective entities in cosmos.

I know that I made Skoll and Hati looks like sabre worgs, and I didn't give the same appearance to Fenrir. But the father of the sabre worgs is bound to be different, in my opinion... and maybe that's something from their mother, instead. Especially since I don't recall anyone ever having mentioned the mother of Skoll and Hati before. Also, as you can see in the picture, the sun and moon are visible, too. It's a slight reference back to Skoll and Hati, you see. And well, that's just about it for nerding around with mythology for now.

Also tried to practice perspective and pose. Er, close enough? I at least tried. After all, I guess that's all what learning and practicing art is about. I wanted to post the momentous version before colouring, same as I did for Skoll and Hati too but... I was so bored at school that I could wait no longer so I began colouring first. I'll just try not to mess up the colours. You'll see the complete picture later.
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