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You have to believe me! I tried to hold back, only that at the end I gave up to the inspiration of my crazy mind XDD
I mean, I have already an OC for Hunger Games (Luce) and one for Harry Potter (Elizabeth... well, two if you count her mother Emily) so why not make one for Percy Jackson???
I've always loved mythology, since I was very small, and when was released the very first book in the series for me was a dream come true! (Seriously my room is full of books on mythology... and not only the Greek/Roman...)
But now enough talking, here is Olivia White! My lovely OC of Percy Jackson!!

Olivia White by me
art by me èwé



Olivia (but everyone calls her Holly)
Alicia White (Mother)
Apollo (Father)
Apollo's Cabin members (Paternal half-siblings)
Eyes Color:
Light brown
Hair Color:
Bow and Arrow
Other abilities:
Camp Half-Blood

Olivia White (Ολίβια in Ancient Greek) is the daughter of Apollo and Alicia White.

Holly was born in Los Angeles, California, to a young waitress named Alicia White. The woman was pregnant at the age of 24 and because of this she found herself having to abandon her studies (which she paid with her job as a waitress) to care for the baby.
Her mother never approved the relationship that her daughter had with the father of Holly and after the man disappeared, leaving alone Alicia pregnant, she began to hate the man who had ruined the life to her daughter.
Because of the similarities that Holly has with her father, her grandmother could never bear her because she saw in her the shadow of that man.

The lack of affection of her grandmother haunted Olivia for years, even though her ​​mother made ​​it clear in every way that she loved her with all her heart, and that she was the most precious thing she had.
Despite this, the emotional strain that her grandmother caused her to run away from her mother home at the age of 11/12. After trying to run away 4 more times, her grandmother sent her to the Wilderness School, where she met Piper and Leo, who unbeknownst to her were a daughter of Aphrodite and a son of Hephaestus. When Hera switched Percy and Jason, she manipulated the Mist so Holly would think Jason was one of her best friend, although they become real friends later on.
In these memories she, Jason, Leo, and Piper had been friends for about three months when Jason first arrived.

Holly is good-natured, easygoing, very caring, funny, and she loves to tell jokes. She is genuinely intelligent and honest, and cares about her friends and family. She sometimes doesn't think before reacting.
Holly is emotionally scarred from the hate that her grandmother has towards her and that she can't understand.
She has been shown to have a serious side, which happens when the situation calls for it. She is also very skilled with her Bow and Arrow.

Holly is noted as having her father's sun-kissed hair and her mother's light brown eyes, she is very pretty and have a cheerful smile and a normal height with a slim build.

- ADHD: Like most demigods, Holly has senses designed for battle and supernatural reflexes.
- Dyslexia: Holly's brain is hardwired for Ancient Greek.
- Holly can heal people by singing a song to her father in Ancient Greek.
- As Apollo's daughter, Holly is a naturally talented archer, her skills only rivaled by her aunt, Artemis' hunters.
Demigod Powers
- Photokinesis: is the ability to control light that she has inherited from her father (at the moment she is the only daughter of Apollo who has known for own this gift)
■ She can create illusions.
■ She can use it to create light shields/force field.
■ Project healing energies (different from Vitakinesis).
■ She can blast lights to impale or blind enemies for some time or maybe forever.
■ Could allow to direct more light waves towards her eyes, enhancing her vision at night.

- She is currently the only known living daughter of Apollo who has been given the gift of Photokinesis.
- She always calls Leo "Elfish Boy".
- At one point, she was interested in being a Hunter of Artemis, but she lost all interest after learning she'd have to swear off boys (because there is a guy that she likes) .
- Her name, Olivia, is a reference to the fact that the olive was a tree sacred to her father.
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