Troll sketches Picture

Just a little something I been working on few about a week or so. I have a fascination with Norse culture and mythology, and the one thing most famous outside of Thor himself are the Trolls.

Historically, Trolls are creatures that live in rocks, cracks and mountains and were often the source of much discord, whether it be playful mischief or going as far as stealing women and eating people. They were more or less a Fairy of sorts though, or fairy-like being.

But truth be told, there isn’t much troll information to go on. Much of details of creatures like trolls and other Norse mythological creatures is on the vague side of things.

One big issue is that the word “Troll” is about as applicable as the word Dragon. Jotun were massive Giants of the Norse mythology, but Troll could be applied to a Jotun. Troll can also be applied to a Dwarf, or a Goblin, a Halfling, Gnome, or even just ugly or terrible people.

I even found out that the word Troll can be applied to a witch. God damn. The word is more or less a negative term for anything bad or ugly, and more or less become a insult. Kind appropriate as the word Troll more or less was applied to the savages by outsiders to Scandinavia. I don’t remember exactly, but I think Christians used the word for the what they deem to be savage people during the Christianization of Scandinavia and Norway.

I may be very, very, horrible wrong on that, but I ain’t sure where to read up on that specific topic. I’m sure I’m gonna get corrected.


Trolls have still become a popular thing. They been thrown in just about every fantasy story ever made from Lord of The Rings, all the way up to today’s Homestuck which is more or less loose. They were big, humanoid creatures that had large noses, had bad manners, were usually ugly(Although some were quite beautiful and allured men), sometimes could use magic, and more or less did not like the sun; turning to stone being very popular notion.

During my own readings of what few sites are dedicated to Trolls, I learned there are a lot of creatures that are like Trolls, or are a kind of Troll… but all the information I dig up is still very Vague.
One example is the Huldra, a beautiful spirit of sorts who lures men. While not said to be a Troll, some sites refer to the Huldra as a Troll.
Another example is the Tomte and Nissen, or sometimes those two are one in the same as a Tomtenissen. One source says there is but one Tomte ever, and is sometimes refereed to as Nissen. Another source says that a Tomte is not a troll at all, and there are a kind of troll. Same as a Nissen, being most definitely a Troll but very much like a Nissen. Atop this, the look of a Garden Gnome more or less hails from the look of a Tomte. So Gnomes are pretty much Trolls as well.

Confused yet? So am I.

There are a lot of possibilities for Trolls. I plan to use them for Kaiju All Stars, a project me and my friends are working on. Digging up this information has been fruitful, but confusing and even dramatic as I explained some ideas for Trolls already, along with other Norse races such as Jotun, Elves and Dwarves.

I got my work cut out for me… but here is my sketchdump of Trolls of various looks and stuff. Do enjoy.

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