New Nekotalia OC: Vincelin Picture

When school was still up my friends and I did a civilization project; and now I turned it into a cat-type-creature-thing. xD
Okay let me just say; I got bored with making a personality so I combined my favorite Hetalia characters' personalities pretty much. (Let's see who my favorites are; Italy, Prussia, Germany, Canada, Romano, Spain, and Norway.)

Name: Vincelin
Nick Name: Vinnie
Gender: Female
Species: Cat-Dog mix (it's in the mythology of the Vinceish religion)
Personality: Shy and quite, but bubbly once you get to know her. She's pretty quiet and keeps most comments and thoughts to herself, because her thoughts would drive others away, and she hates and is afraid of being left alone. She almost looks emotionless and cold because she about never changes her expression. She is never afraid to say her opinion in an argument, and always tries to think realistically
History: (THIS IS ON THE ACTUAL CIVILIZATION, NOT THE CHARACTER. AT LEAST NOT THIS PART OF THE BIO) When Vincelin first was born it was half of Latvia, teh east side of it. The "War of the Gods" began afterwards. The war of the gods was a horrible time after an eclipse, no crops grew, villiages were destroyed from weather, etc. Then a golden age came. Vincelin soonly expanded and became more powerful, but went at war with other countries which led to the civilization to be dissolved. HOW THE CHARACTER WAS EFFECTED: She started going blind when the war which led to her civilization's death started. When the nation was dissolved she could almost not even see anymore. She needs to wear glasses 24/7 now.
Voice: A Vincish accent, you say R's like V's, and Y's like B's. If a word has a "th" at the end ad a "a" to the end of the word. There, you have a Vincish accent.
Nationality(s): Russian, Latvian, Vincish
Likes: Night, dark colors, peace.
Dislikes: Know-it-alls, others who look down on her, douche bags.
Religion: There are four gods. 2 main gods, 2 background gods. the 2 main gods are Kakis and Suns. Kakis (meaning "cat" in Latvian) is a half black cat, half woman with a silver and Prussian blue cape. Half her face was burnt off by Suns, she is the goddess of darkness and winter. Suns (meaning "dog" in Latvian) is a half gold,silver, and white dog half man that wears a red badana, god of summer and the sun. Zirgs (meaning "horse" in Latvian) is a half horse half woman goddess with a gold and light green dress, goddess of spring and life. Vanagas (meaning "Hawk" in Latvian) is a half hawk half man god with a cross necklace, god of fall and the heavens.


I was lazy on the picture, that's why it's in a sketchy type style. I made the character on FH. :I

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