uncoiling dragons Picture

Okay okay.. i know it's strange. But there really is some sort of coherent thought to it. First off, those aren't eyes in the middle of the yellow areas. It's a design called a "lens" commonly used in the wide points of empty areas in celtic design. The swirls are indicative of the "la tiene" period (which had a lot of metal work), and the dragons.. well, they're just dragons.

I wanted to portray a mythological ideal of three dragons creating a world. You have the green (earth), blue (water) and orange (sky or sun) curling around a void... The red swirls are mass, the yellow, movement. The idea is there, but I'm afraid most people will think it's just plain wierd.

It does look kind of lovecraftian, but that's not what I intended but okay.. I'd just like to know what people think. I've never done this kind of swirl-iness before.
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