Mexican Starters Picture

Ok, this started out as a little question I asked to myself. 'What would Mexico look like if it were a pokemon region?' This, plus the fact that Isshu is based in New York, drove me to do this.

Mexican Starters!

First Column:

Peptile - (Pepper + Reptile) - Grass Type - The one that started the set.

Jhalazerd - (Jalapeno + Lizard) - Grass Type - Yes, there is emphasis on the pepper throughout its evolution. See it under its neck?

Fuegarto - (Fuego + Lagarto, spanish for Fire and Lizard respectively) - Grass type - From the front, it resembles the feathered dragon heads you see in many Aztec designs.

Second Column:

Sollitio - (Sol + Pollito, spanish for Sun and chick) - Fire Type - Nothing much to say except it is totally not an imitation of Torchic

Mornigle - (Morning + Eagle) - Fire/Flying type - Cool sombrero, bro.

Tonaguila - (Tonatiuh + aguila, Tonatiuh was the sun god in Aztec mythology, aguila is spanish for Eagle) - Fire/Flying type - There's an emphasis on the sun here, you noticed? I drew Tonaguila with references of Tonatiuh here and there. The headdress resembles the ones the Aztecs wore.

Third column:

Axlittle - (Axolotl + Little) - Water type - I settled on the Axolotl being the Water starter, but I found it difficult to base it on something of Mexican culture. In the end, I went with a storm theme, because where I was in Mexico, there were some pretty wicked thunderstorms.

Yuviaxol - (Lluvia + Axolotl, Lluvia is spanish for rain) - Water type - Yuviaxol's stats and movepool just scream 'bulky water' with access to Recover, Refresh, and plenty of status moves. And yes, I don't have anything else to say.

Axolytning - (Axolotl + Lightning) - Water/Electric - These guys live in thunderclouds. They use their strong legs to reach them from mountain tops. And they look freakin epic.

Well, there. The starters for the pokemon world of Mexico. I haven't decided on the region name, might not even bother with it.

I've also thought out the legends for this region, but first I want to flesh out the 100 or so new pokemon in between, with some Isshu pokemon in the dex. Yep, I'm serious. I am going to draw up a complete dex on Mexican pokemon. It just feels so enlightening to do.

Next up is the regional rat, bird, and bug. Please comment on these pokemon.

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