The Solaris Family Picture

I created them from Sailor Moon ~ Senshi Maker 3.0. Anyway, I made these family for my both fanfic of PKMN & Sailor Moon: Mythology League and Yu-Gi-Oh & Sailor Moon: Second Chance.

Here are characters:
King Phoenix, the king of Sun, Queen Selenity's husband & Serenity's and Apollo's father
Queen Selenity: queen of the moon, King Phoenix's wife & Serenity's and Apollo's mother
Princess Serenity, daughter of King Phoenix and Queen Selenity & Prince Apollo's sister
Prince Apollo, son of King Phoenix and Queen Selenity & Serenity's older brother

I wish there more anime dress up game characters like Yu-Gi-Oh, GX and 5D's with it so I can put Yusei Fudo with them. I using Yusei in Second Chance fanfic as Serenity's and Apollo's long lost cousin of Star Kingdom and nephew of Phoenix and Selenity.
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