Hydria The Tartaros Draktul Picture

Name: Hydria
Type: Draktul
Specie: Half-Hydra Half-Titan
Elementa: Darkness
Years: 30 centuaries
Weapon: Cup of Mars
Title: Tartaros Draktul
Weakness: Unknown
Lives: Megara
Likes: Poetry, caverns, Vine, Cronos
Dislikes: Mars, maze, moon

Hydria is a quite draktul who quitted to be part for the ancient draktul generations, and his third generation (Gran Hawk) will followed his same path.
He had a peculiar weapon in his side, it likes as a golden cup, but is one of the weapons of Mars...the God of War.
Besides is a great follower of Cronos the Titan...and the famous one in the Tartaros.

But with that decisions in his mind all the time is not surprising why Zeus put him in the same place he born for good reasons even unknowing the true feelings of Hydria.
To this draktul, the ages of gods ended when modernity attacked constantly the greek mythologies...So, he is back in the surface looking the Sun as friend and the Moon as an enemy. The reason of that explanation is an ill secret which was forgotten by the same Hydria.

He is now living in Megara, sleeping in day and living in night, as a protector of his beloved land. Making sacrifices to obtain the peace in the Ancient and Modern Greece.

Hydria, Gran Hawk, Cup of Mars belongs to me
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