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Seraphim are winged serpentine First Sphere Angels. Among the First Sphere, they are some of the most powerful. The fires that they emit from their larger wings are said of to be as hot as a sun. They are so hot that mere mortals would go instantly blind upon gazing them. As such, Seraphim typically hold back the brilliance of their heat during the rare occasions that they address mortals in person. As a matter of fact though however, Seraphim are always holding back the full force of their fires. Designated by the act of covering the eyes on their heads, they constantly hold back else they disintegrate everything around them that isn't immortal. Thus while Seraphim address mortals and others with the typical Angelic message to not fear them, should a Seraph unfold the wings covering its face, fear is all but an appropriate response.

Seraphim are also some of the most enlightened of Angels. Many Angels from the lower spheres, and even some from the First Sphere, seek advice with them especially during troubled times. Being one of the most ancient of Angels, Seraphim naturally lend their wisdom to their Angelic brethren. Others other than Angels as well seek their wisdom, however the response they get depends on who is asking. Æsir of notable virtue for instance, can get an audience with one of them rather easily, mere mortals on the other hand have a much harder time. Due to the rank Seraphim have, there's kinda a lot of work needed for a mortal to get an audience. Most of it is the typical virtuous stuff, being kind, helping the needy, being humble, and stuff like that. There are however ways for a mortal to get an audience with a Seraph easily with all that hassle but they are rather dangerous. While many of these ways are dark, the danger is not in that they are dark but because they often summon a Seraph without them even knowing it. It's always a rather awkward situation when one summons such a being and gets killed all because said being wasn't able to lower its fiery aura in time when it was summoned.

In matters of conflict, Seraphim abhor such notions. They prefer not to fight especially due to what they are capable of. They thus prefer to settle things as calmly as possible. They try with all their wisdom to come to decisions that result in the least amount of bloodshed. Even when such decisions aren't available, they vigilantly stay as far away from combat. Though this is their creed, that doesn't mean Seraphim won't do battle if the situation is dire. However the situation has to be really that dire if it requires the strength of the Seraphim. To put in perspective, the most famous and noteworthy time when the Seraphim were forced to ultimately fight was during the Titanomachy, the War of the Titans.

Being Angels, Seraphim are naturally good. However that doesn't mean there haven't been some bad Seraphim. There have been some rare instances, however such Seraphim do indeed exist. These are those who have fallen victim to the sin of pride due to their power and station. While a Seraph feeling a bit proud is not necessarily a sin, it's when their pride makes them do unspeakable things that it is. These individuals are naturally branded heretics, however for those that have done the worst offenses, they are given the ultimate punishment. All of their wings, as well as their arms, are ripped off. Doing so not only marks them forever in shame but permanently robs them of all of their powers. Seraphim who have been punished this way are thus forced to crawl on their bellies as a filthy mockery of what they once were for all of eternity. As such, they can't even be considered as Angels anymore and many have even become beings of truly sinister nature.


*Based on the Seraph from medieval Christian mythology. [link]
*Its large wings are made up of smaller wings that serve as its "feathers". The eyes on them are also fully capable of function.
*When making this guy, I had Aizen from Bleach in my mind. This comes from the fact of what this guy did. What Aizen did could be comparable to what the most famous fallen angel in Christianity did. In some versions of Christian mythology, that angel was said to be a Seraph. There's also Aizen's ultimate butterfly form that's also worth mentioning.
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