Marishi-Ten Kami Picture

(Original Background was created and submitted by stargasmic I asked if i could use it, never got a response, and it seems she hasnt been on in quite some time but i tried. All credit for the Lotus background is hers.)

Marishi-Ten Kami

In Japanese mythology Marishi-ten is known as the goddess of heaven, goddess of light, being a Solar deity.
Marishi-ten has historically been described as a beautiful woman sitting on an open lotus.

Marishi-ten, Queen of Heaven, Goddess of the Sun and the Moon was adopted by the Samurai as a protector and patron. It was geared towards a meditative mode in order to enable the warrior to achieve a more heightened spiritual level. He lost interest in the issues of victory or defeat (or life and death), thus transcending to a level where he became so empowered that he was freed from his own grasp on mortality. The end result was that he became a better warrior.

The worship of Marishiten was to provide a way to achieve selflessness and compassion through Buddhist training by incorporating a passion for the mastery of the self.

Samurai would invoke a chant Marishiten at sunrise to achieve victory on the battlefield, or would invoke Marishiten by other means to attain magical powers that would assist them in battle. An example of the martial characteristic was that Marishiten could provide was the ability to confuse the enemy by preventing them from "seeing," effectively turning the invoker "invisible."

Since Marici means "light" or "mirage", she was regarded as the deification of mirages and was thus invisible or difficult to see and was thereby accordingly invoked to escape the notice of one's enemies.
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