Saoirse- OC Picture

After watching Song of the Sea, I knew I just had to create a selkie OC for my Mogeko character collection. For those who do not know what a selkie is, it is a fae from Celtic mythology who looks like a normal seal/sea lion but can shed its skin to become human. They cannot become a seal again if their skin is stolen so sailors would steal the coats and force them to become their wife/husband.

Anyway, here she is.

Name: Saoirse (I got this name from the main character of Song of the Sea. It is Gaelic for freedom and is pronounced sear-sha)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Selkie
Height: 136cm

Personality: Saorirse is a very quiet and shy selkie who likes to sun bathe in the sand. She rarely comes out fully from her seal skin as she has heard of many tales of other selkies having theirs stolen. Even though she is worried by this she still wants to find love on land but is too afraid and shy to do it. Favorite foods include mackerel and clams.
When people see her seal form, they can often mistake her for a seal pup due to her small size and large, doe-like eyes. If she catches people looking at her she will hide in rocks or make her way back to the sea.
Unlike other selkies, she does not sing very often due to the fact she doesn't want to draw attention to herself.

Fun Facts:
She lives on a rocky island in between the Sea Kingdom and the Tosatsu Kingdom.
She can sometimes struggle getting her skin back on fully.
Her favorite type of sand is black sand as it is nice and warm when she lies down on it.
Saorise is rather slow on land but fast in the water. Even whilst running, she can only be as fast as an average jog.
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