Luna the Moon Picture

I think this is one of the very few characters that I have completely no opinion about. I don't like her, and I don't hate her. I love her design, but I mildly dislike her personality and the two cancel out.

Anyway, it's Luna. She's my bitchy, drama queen, attention-whore, jealous, flirty-to-the-point-of-being-a-slut, semi-homicidal goddess of the moon. Her divine animal form is a cat with wings. She is obsessed with my sun god, Helios. When Helios falls in love with Princess Mirielle on Earth, Luna becomes so insanely jealous that she actually listens to the conniving snake (literally, he's a snake god) Duihoatl. So she murders Princess Mirielle in a sad attempt to get Helios to pay more attention to her instead of his beloved princess. Now Helios hates Luna's guts even more (before that Luna was only a semi-tolerable annoyance). Oh, and see how her eyes are doing that? One all dark grey, one light grey? That means it's a half-moon that night. If both eyes are silver, it's a full-moon. Both dark grey, it's a new moon. If both eyes are dark grey but one iris is silver, it's a crescent moon. If one eye is silver and the other has a dark grey iris, it's a 3/4 moon.

NOTE: Helios is from the Greek name for the sun god. Luna is from the Roman name of the moon goddess. I chose to name them from both Greek and Roman to identify them as seperate and unrelated by blood. Roman and Greek are complete opposites in my mind (despite a lot of similarities) because the Romans stole a lot of their later ideas from the Greek Mythology. I was first introduced to Greek mythology, so finding that Roman mythology took a lot of their ideas and basically did an ancient version of copyright infringement made me pretty angry. And so, I dislike Roman Mythology and classify it in my mind as the exact opposite of Greek Mythology. (Yes, I am weird.)

Also they'd be named after siblings if I named them any of the following: Apollo & Artemis, Helios & Selene, Sol & Diana. And, dude, that'd be creepy.
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