Fligle Picture

Flirgle could be mistaken for Slejpner from the Norse mythology, but this one cannot fly and it is not a god-creature.
the Fligle is very vain, it loves beauty and do anything to show how graceful it is, so it got the nickname "Elf-house"
this graceful creature is rarely seen in daytime, no one really knows where they go when the sun arrives.
but in night-time, they are a common sight. they walks around on the large grass fields or "dance" around inside the forest.
the Antenna on this horse creature´s body makes it enable to sense everything of movements around it, just like the platypus.
because of the ability, this horse is almost impossible to catch. if they lose one of these antenna, they more blind on that side, they do not see very well with their normal eyes

the only predators who can catch this agile creature is a full grown Gryphon and the Delupin
the Fligle light in darkness, because it has bioluminescence and it is used in communication and prove who is strongest of the stallions. but even when they shows themselves in the darkness, they are not an easy prey.

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