The Reason for the Season Picture

According to the Greek Mythology, the Greek goddess of spring was Kore. She was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. She was adored by her mother and brought joy to all those around her. Including her uncle Hades, who fell in love with her. With permission from Zeus, Hades kidnapped his niece and took her to his palace in the Underworld. Her gave her a new name, Persephone and made her Queen of the Underworld.
Her mother, Demeter looked high and low for her daughter and was eventually told by the God of the Sun, Helios, that Hades had taken her. When Demeter appealed to Zeus to release her daughter, he refused. Furious, Demeter promised that nothing would grow while her brother held her daughter captive. The trees leaves fell, plants died, and people began to starve. Realizing the serious nature of his sister, Zeus agreed to his sister's terms and sent Hermes, God of Messangers, to retrieve young Kore.
During her duration, Kore refused all means of kindness shown to her by her uncle-husband Hades. A benevolent spirit attempted to ease her suffering and gave her a pomegranate. Overwhelmed by hunger, Kore quickly ate six seeds before Hermes arrived. Having eaten the food of the dead, she was destined to stay in the Underworld. However Zeus interceed and decreed that Kore must stay in the Underworld for six months, one month for each seed. During the months of heat and blossoming trees and plants, Kore would be with her mother. Once the cold weather began and earth became barren, Kore would return to the underworld.

I created this piece to reflect both sides of Persephone and the cause for the Seasons. The upper piece, shows the white dress, common amongst the Greek gods and a single red rose which blossoms for the goddess of spring. The lower piece reflects the Underworld. The black garment which was a customary funeral shard and the black rose to symbolize the death of not only the people, but Persephone's soul. I picked the Queen of Clubs and Spades. Kore's persona recieved the clubs because the club is really a clover, a type of flower. Persephone's personal recieved the spade because she is constantly feeling as is their is a thorn/spade in her heart that she cannot stay in one single place forever.
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