Shu Picture

Shu was the ancient Egyptian god of dry air, and so was a calming and cooling influence. He was also like Atlas from Greek mythology—his job was to support the sky.Ra created Shu. He was created when Ra said, “Shu the moisture”, and then Shu was sneezed out of Ra’s nostrils. There are many creation myths about how Ra was born. For example, an egg that hatched created Ra. Shu was one of the first deities.Shu was the god of the water, light, wind, and the atmosphere. He was also the god of dry air. Shu's name meant "dryness" or "emptiness".. He takes a human form and with his arms raised supporting the sky-goddess Nut to keep her apart from her consort the earth god Geb. Shu was described as dwelling in the sun's disk. He appeared as a man holding up the sky while protecting the earth.. . At some times he wore four ostrich feathers. These feathers symbolized the four columns that held up the sky when Shu himself was not there to do the job.

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