Apollo kun Picture

So, I was thinkin. I have pics of Artemis up from Godz Today, but not her twin brother Apollo. Therefore I decided to draw him and post it up cuz he's just awesome like that. :3
Apollo is the Greek god of the sun and music. He's the polar opposite of his twin Artemis, but they get along just dandy. He takes after his father Zeus in the fact he's veery flirty. (Unlike Arty, who vowed to be a virgin for eternity.) Apollo enjoys music, his ipod, and doing air guitar as well as spending time with his sister. Don't get in his way of doing so, or else he'll do something BAD to ya. Read the myth of Orion and you'll know what I mean. He's without a doubt a hottie. What? In mythology they describe him as young and handsome!! He also has a fo-shizzlin guitar. I have to put a decent pic of it up soon.
Don't say "Is that a girl?". I've had that happen waay too many times because of his hair. He's not at all feminine. He is also the god of overall masculinity. SO DON'T DO THAT!!!!
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