Monster Island Expanded: The Tosserlad Picture

The Tosserlad is what is refured to as a Troll, from Norse mythology, there are many species of Troll in the Mountains of Norway but They are kept in Troll habitats high in their habitats, but when 6 Tosserlads had to be moved because of the building of a road through their habitat they had to be moved to The Mountains of Monster Island but sadley they were not so suited, as they all but 1 died from either falling rocks or being killed by some large creature which also lives on the Island, 1 Tosserlad troll however did manege to adapt and live on the Island but it took the likeing of travelijg up and down the mointains into the Grasslands and jungle, suprissingly the troll lost its fur once it became a custom of traveling to tye Hot and steaming areas of the Island, Despite their look, they are not very smart, with a brain size of a grapefruit, for its body size, it comes off as not to bright, Though it is very strong and dull to most pain, Trolls can live to be 2 housand years old and can only come out at night because if exposed to the sun it would turn to stone or explode, So during the day the Tosserlad hides in the Mountains caves.

Some nights the Tosserlad is stalking Gallimimus on the plains or hunting for Oxen and other animals in the Mountains, one time around the 1990s the Tosserlad got into a battle with a Tyrannosaurus rex, Though the T.rex was not killed, it was suffered by having chunks of skin and feathers ripped off by the Troll.

A dangerous animal for the fact it's pray has a 3 times chanced of gettig a bite because of tye trolls 3 mouths, The 2 heads on it's shouoders are actually head like brouths that appear later on the troll after birth, it has no eyes on the 2 other head like browths and only 1 eye on its actual head.
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