Spirit Ravens Picture

Meet the Alaskan Deadly Alliance, Spirit Ravens.

Crows and ravens are so cool avian birds and they'r are very different to each other like their heights for example. But, they're part of the Native American mythology and the Raven is one them. Remember the drawing of Raven the Trickster four years ago? Well, this is one of my favorite mythical characters.

Let's talk about the artwork. A very long time ago before I joined the deviantArt, I've drawn the team with various anthropomorphic animals but then today, I've decided to make a team of Avian-like Crows and Ravens only while most of the rest are moved to the other team, updated them, while the few of them were either I decided to scrap it or add it. It's like undecided. :/
Anyways, I really liked Griff's model and the Raven himself in a gargoyle form from Gargoyles so I decided to model the characters after them and mix it into one as you can see it on the artwork as the example.

Enjoy my artwork, you guys!
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