Part of your world (RABxSS) Picture

"What would I give to live where you are? What would I pay to stay here beside you? What would I do to see you smiling at me? Where would we walk? Where would we run if we could stay all day in the sun? Just you and me... and I could be part of your world... I don't know when, I don't know how, but I know something's starting right now! Watch and you'll see: someday I'll be part of your world!"
[Disney's "The Little Mermaid" - Part of your World (reprise)]

Done for the HP_Creature Fest on LJ (check all the amazing entries here: [link]), answering to the following prompt: "Inexplicably and uncontrollably drawn to one another..."
The OP asked for Regulus/Remus or Regulus/Severus, now, who am I kidding?! Could I ever have let the prompt go?!
The creatures that should have been involved were not specified, so I went wild, did some research and finally found the (IMHO) perfect match: Sylph & Undine.

A Sylph (Regulus) is an elemental of air, an invisible spirit of the air that belongs to the Western mythological tradition, while the Undine (Severus) is an elemental of water, also known as Nymph. The prompter didn't specify a preference for certain creatures, and reading their request I instantly thought about the good old "Opposite Attracts"!
Star-crossed lovers: a guaranteed success since 1596!
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