Selene and Helios Picture

I am apparently on an original art binge at the moment. ^_^ Whoo.

I was also not sure if this would go under paintings because of the watercolor or mixed media because it's a pen and ink drawing with a watercolor background. Fucking DA and it's stupid confusing categories.

Also, this is a really awful photo. For instance, that piece of paper is actually a rectangle, not a weird quadrilateral sort of shape.

Anyway. The piece!

A few weeks ago I sketched Selene and Helios into my sketchbook and wanted to do something with them. But I didn't really know what. Then I traced and transferred them to a piece of watercolor paper (much better spaced) and inked them and painted them with rubber cement and painted background.

I was going to paint them too, but this just looked so cool.

So I might do full color studies of them another day. But this piece is done. : )

P.S. -- Selene and Helios are the Greek gods of the moon and sun (respectively)
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