Moon Arcana:Seth Picture

And now for my Ultimate Persona! The once revered but vilified to God of Chaos,Desert and Evil Seth. Seth design is like most Personas where he looks like an upgraded version of the last one. However it still has some references to it's mythology.
While Seth wasn't exactly a good God like Osiris or had sympathy, and was jealous of Osiris, he still fought against his mortal enemy, the snake Apep, what was considered the closest to an actual evil being as the snake tried to kill the sun god Ra. In a way, he was an Anti-Hero. However as time passed, he became more and more villanfied to the point where people thought he was Apep due to Apep and Ra story being similar to Horus and Seth and Seth was given more serpent features. He was then consider to be similar to the Greek Typhon, father of all monsters.
The design ties back to Ah Ciliz feathered serpent design, but given more dragon like features and multiple heads and wings as are most depictions of Typhon. He also is biting down with his other heads both Horus and Apep, a reference to his roles in mythology. There is also a donkey underneath the main head with a forked tail, which was on of the possible creatures that was the Set animal(whatever it was.) The sun medallion is a hint of Ra.

I hope you guys enjoy this as I had a lot of fun making this. I could also, if you wanted do your own personas as well if you wanted. Anyways, hope you guys like this!
Summon Quote:"I am thou and thou are I. I know your pain and your hatred. Shall we use my chaos to free our pain of this world?"
Level:Inherited Stats:Strength:Inherited +3 Magic:Inherited +2 Endurance:Inherited +1 Agility:Inherited +1 Luck: Inherited
Resistances:Resists Light,Dark,Fire and Ice; Weak to Wind and Silence
Innate: Skewer
Innate: Agi
Innate: Bufu
Lv8: Double Fangs
Lv14: Gale Slash
Lv18: Agilao
Lv19: Bufula
Lv28: Brain Shake
Lv35: Power Slash
Lv43: Heatwave
Lv50: Agidyne
Lv51: Bufudyne
Lv57: Power Charge
Lv58: Mind Charge
Lv64: Vile Assault
Lv68: Null Fire
Lv73: Primal Force
Lv76: Null Ice

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