Cath Maige Tuired: Arrival of Lugh Picture

Here is a favorite of mine, the arrival of Lugh.

Okay, time for a bit of background:

Lugh is a mighty warrior said to be like unto the sun, bright, strong, and shining. He excels at all things, championing everyone at their trade from bards at song to giants at strength. He was given leadership of the Tuatha De Danann by Nuada himself to prepare them for the great battle. But when it came time to fight, the Tuatha de Danann place Lugh in confinement, saying that he could not fight with them lest they lose someone so valuable. (This still doesn't make sense, as Lugh could take ANYONE in a fight...but this is their call, not mine.)
But when he heard Nuada had been slain, Lugh broke free from his prison and rode east to the place of the battle. The Formorii saw him coming and cried that the sun was rising in the West, for he shone so brightly in his fury.

In the foreground is Balor, still holding Claíomh Solais, the Sword of Light. On the hill is Lugh arriving, the Dawn in the West.

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Charcoal , Canson paper, 4+ hours.

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